SACHEU BEAUTY // Peel Off Tattoo Lip Liner Review

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Sacheu Beauty LIP LINER STAY-N Peel off Tattoo Lip Liner is unlike any other lip product I’ve EVER used before. It’s applies in as a shiny and very dark, jelly-like liquid, dries matte in a few minutes. Then it effortlessly peels off, revealing a long-lasting line that doesn’t budge for several hours. If you’re looking for a long lasting lip color that just doesn’t quit, you’re going to love this Sacheu Lip Liner Stay-N.

The product idea came to life after Sacheu’s Beauty founder, Sarah Cheung, made a Tik Tok using a peel off tattoo product meant for eyebrows, as a lip liner. The “beauty hack” tutorial quickly went viral and it was a true “ah-ha” moment for Sarah. It was clear there was a major need for this kind of product in the makeup space.

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Sacheu Lip Stay-N in MUAH-ve

How to Apply

Simply apply an even layer to both your top and bottom lips by tracing around the lip line with the precision tip wand. If you make any mistakes, you can easily wipe away the product before it dries with a q-tip to correct it. Allow to dry and leave on the Lip Stay-N for up to 20 minutes. It may take a little bit of practice to perfect your application technique, but once you have it down it’s an absolute breeze!

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Sacheu Lip Stay-N swatches on light and medium skin tones

What Shade is for You?

Sacheu Lip Liner Stay-N is cruelty free, vegan and comes in three very different shades. Each one was designed to flatter basically every skin tone and fit every occasion, from day to night.

01 nOOHde is a neutral tan color that is the lightest and most subtle shade. It’s perfect for fair skin tones and those looking for a slightly more natural plump lip appearance. 02 MUAH-ve is a darker, warmer, beige-y chocolate color that gives a more defined and intense appearance. It’s ideal for medium to dark skin tones or those looking for a more defined lip liner look. 03 P-inked is a flirty, pink rose color that is flattering on virtually every skin tone. It’s great for daytime looks and for a fresh, punchy looking pout.

The Sacheu Lip Liner Stay-N is also infused with lip loving ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E to nourish your lips, while also delivering a long lasting stain for a luscious and plumped up look.

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My Sacheu Beauty Lip Liner Stay-N Review

I was very excited about this product when it hit the market. I’m one of those people who constantly struggles to keep my lip products from smudging or disappearing entirely. I hate the stickiness of lip glosses and the dryness of lipstick or matte lip colors. I usually opt for a traditional lip liner pencil and some simple lip balm, so this seemed like it would totally be my jam.

Upon my first use of Sacheu Lip Stay-N, I was super intimidated by how dark all the shades appeared when wet. Straight out of the tube, they all look almost black! But, I went for it anyway and my god was I impressed with the end results. My favorite was shade is the nOOh-de, but really I love them all equally. Frankly, I’ve worn it everyday since they’ve arrived. I’m hooked and so is the rest of the internet. So much so, that the initial launch sold out entirely. Lip stay-N has a back order and as of now, there’s an email list to jump on to be notified when they’re available again.

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