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The Apollo Neuro is a wearable device that helps manage stress, anxiety, sleep and focus. It works by using scientifically proven touch therapy vibrations. This unique technology could be a great alternative to supplements, over the counter medicines and prescription drugs. But the real question is, does the Apollo Neuro really work?

This device has been meticulously studied in six different clinical trials, with several more currently in development. In the studies done so far, the participants on average, experienced up to 25% more focus, a 19% increase in deep sleep and an impressive 40% decrease in stress and feelings of anxiety. The science behind the Apollo Neuro seems to be undeniable, but I simply had to try it and find out for myself.

apollo neuro review
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I tried the Apollo for 5 months

I wanted to give myself lengthy long trial run, so I could report back to you with my full experience. I initially sought out the Apollo Neuro for my daytime anxiety and concentration issues. However, I quickly discovered the “Relax and Unwind” and “Sleep and Renew” functions were unexpectedly and highly effective for me.

Using the Apollo Neuro app on my phone, it was easy to control the various settings for the device. The intensity of the touch therapy is customizable (1% – 100%), along with length of time for each session (15 minutes – 120 minutes). There are currently seven modes that can be utilized to fit different tasks throughout the day and into the evening.

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It is recommended that the Apollo Neuro be worn at least three hours a day, five days a week (or more) throughout the day and night for best results. I tried my very best to follow this recommendation. The convenient scheduling functions helped me stay on track with my goals. It works by activating specific modes, at the times I set everyday, so I didn’t have to think too much about getting all my hours in.

The Apollo Neuro can be worn with two different methods, in a variety of places all over your body. The highly adjustable, stretchy elastic, micro-velcro strap, slides through the face of the device and can be worn around your wrist or even your ankle. The device also comes with a small clip, for an even more discreet wearing experience. The clip can be slid onto the inside of your pants waistband, on the inside strap of your bra, tank top, undershirt, or shirt collar. Really it can be put almost anywhere on your body, as long at its maintaining contact your with your skin.

Does the Apollo Neuro really work?

Based on my experience, when the Apollo Neuro is worn consistently and correctly, it is insanely and shockingly effective. In a short and sweet answer, YES. It really, truly, does work!

I wore the Apollo Neuro around my wrist, religiously (nearly all day, everyday) because I felt like it helped me so much. I don’t want to say I’m addicted to the device, but I just thoroughly enjoy its effects and I prefer not to be without it, whenever possible. The device did have to be charged about every two days, and frankly that was the only time I wasn’t wearing it. (Aside from showering of course, it is NOT waterproof.)

In daytime scenarios, I found myself feeling less anxious when I used the “Clear and Focused” setting for 30 minutes. I used the mode intensity setting of about 20%- 25% and would usually forget I was wearing it after a few minutes of the session starting. This is very common and actually meant to happen. You don’t want the pulsing sensation to be too strong or distracting. Which is exactly why the intensity is adjustable, to fit your nervous systems needs individually.

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The Apollo Neuro “Sleep and Renew” mode has been the most valuable mode for me by a landslide. In fact, “Sleep and Renew” is THE #1 mode used by every Apollo Neuro user and I completely understand why. Every night tens of thousands of people turn to the Apollo wearable for better sleep and I am absolutely one of them.

I crank the “Sleep and Renew” mode intensity up to 65% and set it for an hour every single night. I’d describe it as something similar to a white noise machine, in a physical form and I fall asleep faster than I ever have before. It’s really great for the globetrotters and travelers out there as well. I took my Apollo Neuro overseas on vacation and found that all of the modes helped immensely with jet lag and adjusting to the new time zone. Not to mention it has helped me in the daylight savings time transition, that usually takes me several weeks to adjust to.

The best part about the Apollo Neuro for Sleep is how naturally effective it is and unlike sleep supplements and prescriptions, there are ZERO negative side effects. My honest Apollo Neuro Review in a nutshell- just get one, you deserve a good nights sleep and that refreshed, rested feeling in the morning.

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