BLEAME // Crystal Hair Eraser Review

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Bleame crystal hair eraser is a fool proof, pain-free and reusable hair removal tool that uses nano-crystalline technology. It works by simply rubbing the tool in a circular motion over your skin. The microscopic crystal surface breaks down the hair follicle and basically rubs it away, leaving behind smooth, exfoliated skin.

I’ll be the first to admit, I was super skeptical about this wacky tool. I’d never heard of a “hair eraser” before and it sounded either wildly painful or just too good to be true. I’ve been looking for a sustainable alternative to razor shaving for a long time, plus I’m always nicking my knees and shins when I shave, even after all these years. Laser hair removal seemed like the next best option- until I found Bleame.

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Why is Bleame better?

First and foremost this tool is reusable and super eco friendly. Unlike disposable razors, Bleame crystal hair eraser can be used over and over again, for up to a year (or more)! Imagine all the money you’ll save in pricey plastic razors in that time frame.

Its pain-free and safe for all skin tones and types- even sensitive skin. Say goodbye to nicks, cuts and fiery, painful razor burn. Bleame even prevents ingrown hairs, exfoliates dead skin cells, soothes and conditions skin and greatly improves the skins complexion by reducing the appearance of “strawberry skin” (that dotty pink phenomenon at the hair follicle some of us can’t seem to get rid of).

It’s easy to clean, non-toxic, never has to be charged, is lightweight, compact and very travel friendly.

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Where can I use Bleame?

The Bleame crystal hair eraser can be used on your arms, hands, legs, feet, chest, back and bikini area. Just be sure to patch test it on your arm or legs before going for the more sensitive parts. It’s NOT ideal for your face, neck or underarms, as the skin there is thinner, more sensitive, uneven and and more likely to be distressed by the eraser.

How to prepare…

First you want to rinse off the crystal eraser thoroughly, even if it’s brand new, to ensure there is no dust or debris on the surface. Then pat dry.

You’ll want to use the Bleame crystal hair eraser right after you shower or take a bath, but before applying body creams or lotions. It works best on clean, damp skin, free of residue, and hair follicles that have been softened by the warmth and moisture.

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How do I use Bleame?

The eraser can be on damp bare skin or used with a shaving cream or gel for smoother glide. Now its time to erase it all! Using light to moderate pressure, gently rub the crystal hair eraser in a circular motion in a small area, about 10-15 times around to magically remove hair.

Repeat the process over each desired section, then rinse to reveal smooth, hair free skin. The eraser can be used weekly, but is not recommended (or even needed) for daily use.

Bleame Aftercare…

Rinse the Bleame tool off and pat dry. Store the crystal hair eraser out of sunlight, in a dark and dry place. I recommend keeping it in a little pouch or baggie in your drawer until you’re ready to use it again the following week.

Now is the perfect time to use moisturizer on your freshly exfoliated, hairless skin!

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Prep your skin before you erase with Bleame Gleam Body Scrub
My Honest Bleame Review

This tool is unlike anything I’ve ever tried before and I love it! Overall, the Bleame crystal hair eraser does exactly what it says it will. While it does take more time than shaving, it has a wonderful smoothing and exfoliating effect that a razor just can’t give. I personally hate shaving and I don’t do it everyday, so this is an ideal fit for me. If you’re exploring options for easy and painless hair removal, I highly recommend you give the Bleame crystal hair eraser a try!

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