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Get ready to blast off to infinity and beyond, with the Orly x NASA Collection! This very special collaboration was created to celebrate NASA’s historic missions of the past, present and future. The year 2022 marked the 50th Anniversary of NASA’s last moon landing way back in 1972. In the very near future, in NASA’s boldest mission in decades, The Artemis 1 will land the first woman AND person of color on the surface of the moon in 2024!

This super celestial 8 piece collection is made up of 4 totally stellar (cruelty free) nail lacquers inspired by NASA missions and their incredible accomplishments. It also features 4 sets of 22 nail wrap stickers that are authentic, stunning and iconic images of our galaxy, captured by the James Webb and Hubble telescopes.

orly nasa
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Orly “Spirit of Peace” lacquer
Spirit of Peace Lacquer

Orly “Spirit of Peace” lacquer is the official 50th Anniversary shade. It’s a moon-rock inspired white and gold confetti topper hosted in a clear polish. The bottle features a large moon and the Artemis 1 logo, inspired by NASA’s historic Apollo XVII moon landing. This is a gorgeous eye-catching topper that can absolutely be worn on bare nails and still make a HUGE statement.

orly nasa
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Orly “Perseverance” lacquer

Orly “Perseverance” lacquer is a dusky red and copper shimmer shade. As pictures on the bottle, it was inspired by the martian landscape and the Perseverance rover that successfully landed on Mars on February 18, 2021. The rover explores Mars to this day, searching for signs of past life and collecting soil and rock samples for future return to Earth. This mesmerizing shade is somewhere between orange and red and really glows in the sunlight.

orly nasa
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Orly “View from L2” lacquer
View from L2

Orly “View from L2” lacquer is a black holo-shimmer shade. For those of us who aren’t astronomers- L2 is short for “2nd Lagrange point”. Lagrange points are places in space where objects stay still. It’s ideal for astronomy because the spacecraft is close enough to communicate with Earth, keeps the Sun, Earth and Moon behind it for solar power and provides a glorious view of deep space for our telescopes.

L2 is the home of the James Webb Space Telescope, as pictured on the bottle just above earth. This shade is very much like starring into the night sky at a million little stars. I must say the polish is not an intensely pigmented black, because it is a holo-shimmer. Paint a base coat of plain black polish then apply this on top for full effect.

orly nasa
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Orly “Golden Record” lacquer
Golden Record

Orly “Golden Record” lacquer is bright golden metallic shade. As pictured on the front of the bottle, it was inspired by NASA’s message of peace on the Golden Record on board the Voyager space probe. The record was intended to be a cosmic “message in a bottle” from humanity to extraterrestrials, promoting peace across the universe. It’s still hurling through outer space to this day, hoping to encounter who ever else might be out there.

This is a highly pigmented and very bright gold shade ideal for all skin tones. I can’t wait to rock this with gold jewelry on.

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Orly x Nasa Nail Wrap Stickers
Orly x Nasa Nail Wrap Stickers

These wraps literally put the edge of our universe at your finger tips. These stunning images or space will surely bring a smile, a bit of curiosity and endless wonder to those who wear them. These nail wraps are super easy to apply and last for days (sometimes longer, if you’re careful). Simply apply to bare nails, file away the excess and apply a top coat. I love these stickers to the moon and back!

To say the least, this Orly x NASA collaboration is totally out of this world and one for the history books. So buckle up, put on your moonsuit and get ready for lift off, this collection is truly “one small step for man, one giant leap for (wo)mankind.”

This limited edition Orly x NASA Collection is available now at Ulta Beauty and on OrlyBeauty.com

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