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Dresscue was formally known as ReDress. This rent-a-rack, high quality, second-hand consignment store opened it’s doors in November of 2021 and is located in Atwater Village (Los Angeles). It’s no surprise that Dresscue has thrived since it’s opening, as Atwater Village has always been known as a place where artists, young professionals and working class families all live together along a very quaint main street.

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How Does Dresscue Work?

The seller rents and reserves a clothing rack online via their website. You can bring maximum 50 pieces and 5 accessories at a time. The rack rent is currently $198 for 14 days plus a 15% commission that goes to the store. 

You book the rack, create prices tags for your items via their platform and track your daily sales there as well. Dresscue provides everything you need: the hangers, price tags and as many security alarm tags as you’d like.

As they sell your clothing you can replace the sold items with new inventory. Itโ€™s like having your own rack in a clothing store! Itโ€™s also great for people shopping at ReDress as the inventory is changing all the time. Even if you come in multiple times a week there is always something new to find!

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Why is Dresscue Better?

Dresscue got its name from two words “Dress” and Rescue”. This unique store has given the Los Angeles community a chance to bring new life back to pre-loved clothing. Thus, rescuing our dresses and garments from what may have ultimately ended up in landfills, overflowing donation piles and garbage bins.

Not only this, Dresscue provides an opportunity to make some money, by selling your pre-loved clothing. By renting a rack at their physical store, you are helping fashion become more sustainable with every sale you make. This is because there are no shipping costs, no wasteful packaging and no unnecessary shipping emissions when selling to consumers directly in person.

This rent-a-rack consignment store also gives other people in the community a chance to buy gently used, high end, fashionable clothing, that’s still in style, with major discounts that make them more affordable. Buyers and customers can also try on the clothing and inspect every detail, so there’s no guess work when it comes to fit, quality or comfort of the clothing.

Overall Dresscue’s rent-a-rack model is a great way to make more space in your wardrobe, make some extra money and help the world become more sustainable.

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Learn more and reserve your rack today at DresscueCo.com

follow them on instagram @dresscue.la

If you’re in LA, check it out at: 3222 Glendale Blvd. 90039 Los Angeles

Be sure to shop my rack (#53) from February 13th – February 27th, 2023

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