CLOVER // Super Slick Lip Jelly Review

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Clover Super Slick Lip Jelly is a shockingly smooth, sheer tinted, high-shine lip gloss with a super hydrating feel, that has ZERO tackiness or stickiness. I’m usually more of a lip balm, lipliner or lipstick gal because I simply can’t stand how gunky and heavy most lip glosses feel on my mouth. Until NOW! Gone are the days of flyaway hairs clinging to your glossy pout. This Super Slick Lip Jelly is unlike anything I’ve ever tried before. I was literally speechless when I first put it on.

Clover Super Slick Lip Jelly
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About Clover By Clove + Hallow

Clover Makeup makes clean cosmetics that are 100% vegan, cruelty free, sustainably packaged and they’re specifically designed at a price more people can afford. They have broad line of reasonably priced, high pigment products for every step of your beauty routine. From foundation, concealer, lipstick, lip glosses, eye liner, mascara, blushes, eye shadows and more all at $25 or less. Clover is all about sustainable, luxury beauty products for ALL.

Clover Super Slick Lip Jelly
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Super Slick Lip Jelly Collection
About the Super Slick Lip Jelly

This lip jelly was inspired by RARE Beauty’s Stay Vulnerable Glossy Lip Balm. I’ve never tried that before, so I can’t speak on it, but apparently this is darn close to that product (but Clovers is cheaper!). It’s infused with Sunflower, Jojoba and Castor oils, so it not only does it feel super comfortable, it’s also very nourishing and soothing.

Don’t let the color in the tube fool you, ALL of these are very lightly tinted and natural looking. Clover Super Slick Lip Jelly comes in three super juicy tints: Smitten- a sheer sort of punchy but subtle red color, Skyline- a super delicate pinkish color, and Go To- an ultra clear, colorless gloss that adds shine to your natural lip (or whatever color you put underneath). All three shades can be worn alone for a very dewy natural effect, or layered on top of your other favorite lip products to give a shiny, glossy, long lasting finish.

One last thing that makes this lip jelly even more special, is the tube it comes in. It’s made from 100% previously recycled plastic! This was a very deliberate decision made by Clover to reduce plastic waste and avoid the need to create more virgin plastics. The tube is also packaged in a fully recycled and recyclable paper box too!

Clover Super Slick Lip Jelly
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See how lightly tinted each color is?
My HONEST Clover Super Slick Lip Jelly Review

Overall… I love these lip jellies! The price is super reasonable, the colors aren’t super wild and crazy, so they’re perfect for everyday wear and they ALL compliment basically every skin tone. If you normally hate lip glosses but love the look of them, THIS is the answer to your high-shine prayers. I’m totally sold and this is probably the only lip gloss I’ll ever wear. For real.

Shop the Clover Super Slick Lip Jelly collection and ALL thier clean, vegan makeup at

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