SAALT // Sustainable Period Panties & Cups

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SAALT is a sustainable, Certified B Corps, period care brand that makes a variety of reusable period care products for every kind of flow, no matter what you do or where you go. SAALT believes that disposable period products are unnecessary, super wasteful and SO yesterday. After trying them out for myself, I couldn’t agree more! The best part is these clean, high-performance products are healthier for you, save you tons of money and are even better for our planet.

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SAALT Menstrual Cups & Discs

You’ve probably heard about other menstrual cups and discs on the market. If not, let me briefly explain… The SAALT Menstrual Cups and Discs work very similarly to a traditional Tampon. However, instead of your period absorbing into a dry, bleached, disposable, cotton wad- this soft touch, odor-free, 100% medical-grade silicone, SAALT cup (and disc) catches your flow effortlessly. They both work for up to TWELVE hours (the equivalent to 4 tampons) and can be reused for up to TEN years. They’ve already done the math for us and these small cups and discs have a HUGE impact. Saving you about $1,500 total and preventing over 3,000 tampons and pads from ever reaching our oceans and landfills.

The difference between the SAALT Menstrual cups/discs and others out there, is the meticulous design processes they have gone through to become THE most comfortable and easy to use reusable period products out there, hands down. They also come in different sizes to ensure a perfect fit, take the quiz here to find out which one is right for YOU.

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SAALT WEAR- Leakproof Period Underwear

SAALT Wear period underwear are totally leakproof panties, specifically designed to replace panty liners, pads and tampons while leaving you feeling fresh and dry all day and night. There are serval collections of panties designed to suit your every mood and style. From super-comfy, breathable, natural cotton, sexy lace and mesh, dreamy-soft Tencel, and an all new, super-sleek and ultra stretchy, seamless collection that basically disappears under your clothing like magic.

All SAALT Wear lines feature a variety of cuts to flatter your body type too. They have high-waisted, low rise, boy shorts, bikini cuts, briefs, hipsters, and even thongs! Each style has a different level of absorbency to fit your flows needs. I love these panties so much, I shamelessly wear them even when I’m not on my period. With the thinnest and driest gusset technology out there, you can live worry free and leak free too!

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explore these revolutionary period products for yourself at and be sure to follow them on instagram @saaltco

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