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LUPii Lupini Bean
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Lupii (pronounced loopy) is a Lupini Bean based food company, unleashing the plant-powered protein we’ve all been searching for! With 3 times the amount of protein of quinoa, 3 times the amount of protein of eggs, 3 times the fiber of oats, and ALL 9 essential amino acids, this tiny bean is packing a serious nutritional punch. Not to mention, its also a super sustainable crop, compared to other plants out there.

Lupii began as a wildly simple and delicious, whole food, protein bar brand and just expanded into a variety of mouthwatering PASTAS, and the best part? Every Lupii product is non GMO, vegan, gluten free and soy free, so almost anyone and everyone can enjoy them, worry free! Bottom line, Lupii Lupini bean products are excellent for your body and even better for our planet and THAT is something I’m very excited about!

(It should be noted, as Lupini beans may not be not as well known as others- that they are apart of the Legume Family, just like peanuts. Additionally, Lupii products are made on shared equipment with peanuts and tree nuts. Sorry to my nut allergy friends, these foods may not be suitable for you.)

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LUPii Lupini Bean Protein Bars Stack up against the rest
What’s so good about Lupini Beans?

The health benefits of the tiny, but mighty Lupini bean are truly a marvel of nature. I can’t help but wonder why I’d never heard of them before finding Lupii. BUT knowledge is power, especially when it comes to what you eat, so let me give you the sweet details on this amazing plant…

The bioavailable protein in this bean is very impressive. A recent study found that our bodies utilize Lupini protein at almost 80% the rate of egg protein. Lupini beans are more than ideal for keeping you feeling fuller, for longer, because of their super high fiber and protein combination.

The Lupini bean is packed with vitamins and minerals and is also considered a complete protein, just like meat or soy, due to its essential amino acid chain. It’s high fiber and low carbs have a low glycemic impact on your body as well, helping regulate your blood sugar levels. Lastly, Lupini beans have 3 times as much Potassium as bananas. Who knew!?

LUPii Lupini Bean
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LUPii Lupini Bean Protein Bars
Lets Talk about Lupii Protein Bars…

Lupii Protein Bars come in 5 unique and distinct flavors, to suit your mood in every on-the-go moment throughout your day. A crunchy Peanut Butter Cacao Nib, a creamy Almond Butter Cinnamon Raisin, a warm Cashew Ginger Pumpkin Seed, a zesty Tahini Lemon Cranberry, and classic and comforting Almond Butter Chocolate Chip.

Each Lupii bar is made with JUST 5 or 6 simple, whole food ingredients and contain up to 10g of plant protein per serving. None of them contain any added sugars or artificial sweeteners, they are all grain free and naturally rich in up to 9g of prebiotic fiber!

I am drooling. Not sure which one to try first? Not to worry, they have a variety pack of three available too.

LUPii Lupini Bean
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LUPii Lupini Bean Pastas
Pasta Lovers Rejoice, Lupii is here!

Grab your forks and freak the frick out, because this Lupii pasta is seriously unbelievable! This plant based pasta is bursting at the seams with 14g of protein per serving, no excessive carbohydrates and it contains a way more gut-friendly fiber than other bean, wheat, soy, corn, milk or eggs found in your traditional pastas of the past.

Lupii pastas come in three versatile shapes for every dish you love: Rotini spirals, Penne tubes, and traditional Elbows for your classic mac n’ cheese. They are all made with only 3 to 4 ingredients and cook in the same amount of time as other conventional pasta’s, just 6 to 8 minutes depending on how soft or firm you like it. With each serving measuring 17g Net Carbs, 14g Plant-Protein and 12g of Fiber, this pasta is officially Keto friendly too!

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LUPii Lupini Bean Pasta compared to Chickpea and Traditional Pastas

Learn more about Lupii and shop all their delish products at

Use code: ERINE20 for 20% off your purchase on their website!

and be sure to follow them on instagram at @getlupii

If you like plant based foods, you might love Core + Rind Cashew Cheese Sauce too!

(it’s SO good warmed up and poured on top of Lupii pasta!)

until next time…



LUPii Lupini Bean
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LUPii Lupini Bean Peanut Butter Cacao Nib Bar

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