PLANT PEOPLE // Nightlight Mushroom Cacao Mix

PLANT PEOPLE Nightlight Mushroom
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Plant People NightLight Mushroom Cacao Mix is a vegan and organic drink mix designed to calm your mind and body, improve your mood, help you relax and fall asleep. This unique hot cocoa helps you unwind and soothes you to a sweet slumber utilizing very specific adaptogenic ingredients. With a variety of mushrooms, magnesium and L-theanine, Plant People Nightlight Mushroom Cacao mix not only lulls you to sleep, but it leaves you feeling restored and revived in the morning. No sluggish, hangover-feeling, like some other supplements might leave you the next day. (Yes, I’m talking about you Mr. Melatonin).

PLANT PEOPLE Nightlight Mushroom
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PLANT PEOPLE Nightlight with turkey tail mushroom & cacao

Whats with all the Mushrooms?

You may have noticed, mushrooms are having a huge moment right now in the wellness world, and rightfully so. I’m not just talking about the magic kinds either, maybe someday we can dive into THAT. Until then, the team at Plant People have been ahead of the mushroom crazed curve, using these powerful, natural gifts to earth for a couple years now. (You can learn more about the minds behind these awesome and effective supplements here.) While many of their formulas contain all kind of mushrooms, this one has three that are used specifically for their calming properties.

The first is the well known Reishi Mushroom, an adaptogenic mushroom widely known to support rest, relaxation and calm your mind and body. The second is what’s called Turkey Tail, given its name for its appearance. This mushroom helps with your immune response and gut health with its powerful polysaccharides and betaglucans. The third mushroom in the mix is the Chaga Mushroom. You may have seen what’s called a “chaga-chino” at your local coffee house or health food spot. This particular mushroom has grown to be a popular coffee replacement not only because its caffeine free while still uplifting, but it’s also packed with wonderful antioxidants and soothes the stomach, instead of upset it, like coffee does for a lot of people.

PLANT PEOPLE Nightlight Mushroom
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PLANT PEOPLE Nightlight Mushroom Cacao Mix
What else is in the Nightlight Mushroom Cacao mix?

Two other very effective ingredients in this mix are 50mg of L-theanine and 100mg of a “miracle mineral” commonly known as Magnesium. L-theanine supports the neurotransmitters in your brain. It is a naturally occurring, non-protein amino acid, that promotes relaxation by reducing stress and anxiety levels. L-theanine is not technically a sedative and does not directly cause drowsiness, but it does help improve sleep quality, by effectively promoting a more relaxed state.

Magnesium does SO much good in so many areas of the body. Its actually needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body and shockingly most people are deficient in this mineral and don’t even know about it. The main purpose of the magnesium in the Nightlight Mushroom Cacao is to help support the function of neurotransmitters that promote quality, restful sleep. This mineral is also great for positive mood, hormone balance, depression, blood sugar levels, your bones, nervous system and so much more.

PLANT PEOPLE Nightlight Mushroom
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PLANT PEOPLE Nightlight Mushroom Nutritional info & directions
Flavor Profile

The Nightlight Mushroom Cacao is made with organic Cacao. It’s true, this chocolatey powder really does naturally boost your mood! It’s complimented with the slightest hint of warm and zesty, organic cinnamon and organic cardamon. The mix is made a bit creamy with organic coconut milk powder, is sweetened with organic coconut sugar and a small sprinkling of sea salt. I will admit, the mushrooms in this Nightlight Mushroom Cacao do stand out in the flavor profile. So, if at first it seems a bit too much, you can always add some honey, stevia or a little more sugar to your taste. No judgement.

PLANT PEOPLE Nightlight Mushroom
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PLANT PEOPLE Nightlight Mushroom Mix
How to make your Nightlight Mushroom Cacao

Simply add one pouch of Nightlight Mushroom Cacao to 8 ounces of your favorite hot or cold milk or hot water and stir until dissolved. If you have stress or anxiety in the daytime you can also enjoy the mix in the morning time with your coffee or protein shakes. You won’t want to take a nap, you should just feel more chilled out and less on edge. Give it a try!

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