SUSTAINABLE GIFT GUIDE // 12 gifts for Everyone on your List

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It’s the annual sustainable gift guide! Designed to bring pure joy to everyone on your list this holiday season! In it you will find a wide variety of beauty products, healthy sweets, stress relievers, accessories and so much more. I made sure to really hook it up in this Sustainable Gift Guide, with ALL the discount codes I could, to help save your wallet some major moo-lah. What are you waiting for? Get scrolling, it’s time to get shopping!

Disclaimer: This gift guide contains affiliate links, this means if you make a purchase, I may get a small percentage of the sale price (at no extra cost to you). As always, I only recommend brands that I love.

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Wearable Stress Relief

The Apollo Neuro is a wearable device that uses scientifically proven touch therapy to assist your bodies recovery from stress. It helps to manage anxiety, focus and sleep, without any supplements or prescription drugs. If you or a loved one suffer from stress, anxiety, sleeplessness and more, I highly recommend you give the Apollo Neuro Wearable a try. I wear mine every night and in times of high anxiety.

Shop the collection at and automatically

receive 10% off by clicking the link above.

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Healthy Low Sugar Candy

With so many fun spins on classic candies, there truly is a bag of goodies for every kind of sweet tooth in your crew (without all the added sugar)! Flavors like Cola Bottle Gummies, Sweet Fish, Sour Worms, Sour Watermelons, Peach Rings, Red Twists, Sour Blast Buddies, Soft Caramels and more you can all have your candy and eat it too!

Use my code ERINEEMILLER10 for 10% off orders of $30 or more on their website!

Shop everything in this marvelously, guilt free candy land at

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Affordable Clean Beauty

Together and with their team, PYT has create some of the best clean beauty formulas on the market, without all the conventional harsh chemicals like: gluten, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, silicones and more. No only this, everything they make is vegan, cruelty free, leaping bunny certified, hypoallergenic and fairly priced!

Shop the website here:

Use my code: ERINEEMILLER for 15% off!

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Skincare, Tinctures & more

Dazey CBD is organically grown outdoors in Oregon. Their hemp is harvested, extracted and bottled on-site. Their tinctures have a very subtle, hemp flavor, suitable for anyone. Not only do they sell oral tinctures, they are just as much a beauty brand as they are CBD company.

From body scrubs, bath soaks, conditioning hair masks, face oils, creams and more, this is the perfect CBD brand for the self-care lovers out there (male and female). This fresh and fun product line will have you covered (and relaxed) from head to toe.

Use code: ErinElizabeth15 at

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Freshly made Acne & Anti-aging Skincare

Banish is a small indie skincare brand made in fresh in small batches, using natural ingredients, sourced from the West Coast of the United States. Founded by a REAL acne sufferer who wanted something gentle and effective for herself, when she couldn’t find it anywhere else. Everything Banish makes is vegan & cruelty free too. They just launched a Retinol + Ceramide serum I am in LOVE with, and I’ve been totally hooked on everything in the Banish Starter Kit for over a year now.

Shop the full collection of Banish skin care at

Use my code: ERINEEMILLER for $5 off $50+

You’ll also receive a Free Battle Book in orders $150 and up for the whole month of December!

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Affordable Supplements + Stress & Probiotic Chocolates

Rae Wellness believes that pure and powerful supplements should be available for everyone. With affordable and effective formula’s made for all adults, their supplements shine a beacon of beautiful light in an otherwise dim and overpriced vitamin market.

Everything Rae makes is vegan, non gmo, sugar free, gluten free, and has no artificial preservatives, harmful fillers or colorants. They are also free of major allergens including soy, eggs, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish and wheat.

I’m obsessed with their new Stress Chocolates and Probiotic Chocolates, they keep selling out of them though, so ACT fast!

Shop the store at

Use code: ERINELIZABETH15 and take 15% off your first order

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Reusable Airwrap Hair Dryer & Styler

The Luxx Air Pro 2 is a wildly innovative, hypersonic hair drying and styling tool. Designed to take your hair routine to the next level in an instant with automatic wrapping, drying, and styling- minus the extreme heat damage of traditional hot tools.

Luxx Air Pro 2 is a fabulous, all-in-one, chemical free and reusable hair styling tool, that will save you a fortune from your local blowout bar, time and time again. Achieve salon-quality results in the comfort of your own home and elevate your daily hairstyles in a flash. Come with me…let’s live the Luxx life!

Grab your own Luxx Air Pro 2 now on

Use code: ERINXLUXX for 12% off your order

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Supplements made for women for stress, mood & sleep

Winged Women’s Wellness is CBD made for Women. It’s the first full spectrum, organically grown, hemp CBD brand formulated exclusively for women wellness to help with balancing mood, managing stress and finding restful sleep. Founded by a woman and made just for women, this diverse and delightful line of CBD wellness products carries something for every special woman in your life. I love thier Relax Gummies, the Rize Up Gummies and the Relaxation Dark Chocolates.

Shop everything at

Use code: ERINMILLER20 to take 20% off you order

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Low Glycemic, Organic Palm Tree “Candy”

Joolies juicy hand picked dates are naturally packed with Fiber, Magnesium, Antioxidants, and have more potassium than a banana! These yummy little caramel-like nuggets are naturally gluten free, vegan, and they’re organically grown under the California sun, at the Kohl Family Farm, in Coachella Valley. They’re THE perfect low-glycemic mid-afternoon pick-me-up for the health nut on your list.

Shop all thier products at

Use code: ERINEMILLER15 for 15% off

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Like Nutella, but WAY BETTA

TBH was founded by Noah Schnapp. Yes, THE Will Byers from Stranger Things. He wants you to know that your toast, your spoon, your whole mouth- deserves so much better than the upside down world we’ve all been living in.

TBH is a decadent, chocolate hazelnut spread that’s high in protein, low in sugar and Palm Oil Free. It’s gluten-free, certified Kosher and unlike it’s competitor it’s totally vegan

Snag a jar or five (you won’t regret it) at

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Clean Hair & Body Care

Lovesong Beauty is an award winning hair and body care collection inspired by nature. Everything is sustainably made, plant based, and free of: parabens, sulfates, silicones, petroleum, phthalates, dyes, synthetic fragrances, and synthetic preservatives.

This brand carefully crafts products that are natural, cruelty-free, vegan, non-GMO, and created with wind energy. Lovesong Beauty is also committed to donating a portion of their proceeds to 1% For the Planet and preserving wild spaces for future generations.

Shop this awesome beauty brand at 

Use my code (case sensitive- must be in upper case letters): ERINEEMILLER10

for 10% your entire order!

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Cruelty Free Beauty for all abilities

Guide Beauty creates cruelty free and vegan beauty tools and formulas that allow easy eye makeup for everyone. Founded by Terri Bryant, this brand believes in creating a beauty culture of inclusion, no matter what your abilities may be. Selma Blair just joined the team as Chief Creative Officer and together Guide Beauty is celebrating beauty, self-expression, and community and the joy of applying makeup with ease and confidence.

Shop the inclusive collection at

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you find the perfect presents for all your people (or heck, even yourself) in this Sustainable Gift Guide!

Still looking for something else?

Check out last year’s Sustainable Gift Guide for even MORE ideas!

Until next time…



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