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Ameon Skincare is reinventing ancient skincare rituals with cryo facials at home. Their perfectly packaged frozen essence icecubes work to constrict and then dilate the blood vessels of the face in what’s popularly known as “Skin Icing”. This facial method allows the essence ingredients to penatrate deeper into the skin, quickly hydrating, reducing redness and imperfections and firming the skin simulotaneously. 

Ameon Skincare was founded with a very meaningful and personal purpose, by Alina Mehrle. It came to her after she was diagnosed with cancer and searching for restorative skincare following her harsh chemotherapy treatments. I had the privilege of interviewing Alina, to learn more about this unique product line and the behind the scenes at Ameon Skincare. 

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Founder of Ameon Beauty, Alina Mehrle

EE: How and why did you start Ameon?

Alina: I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2018. I was a 30 year old entrepreneur building my interior design business in NYC, but cancer changed everything. I needed a project with purpose and AMEŌN became that. Chemo caused extreme damage to my skin. On my journey to heal, rejuvenate and restore my skin, my oncologist introduced me to cryotherapy, which completely changed my skincare routine and quality of my skin and inspired me to found AMEŌN and create our signature product, Frozen Essence. 

EE: How are Ameon products made?

Alina: We are made in the USA. Our manufacturing, packaging, and fulfillment are all located within 50 miles from each other in the New York City area. This allows us to rotate products quickly, shortening delivery times, reduce storage time and improve quality control. 

EE: Has this journey taught you anything?

Alina: Cancer made me realize what is important in life, which is to be present at the moment. I became content with who I am, my decisions, and my life no matter the circumstances. Cancer taught me to allow myself to feel everything and be okay with that – even when those feelings are difficult.

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You can find Ameon Skincare at Equinox Rockefeller Center

EE: What are you most proud of as a company and what sets you apart from others?

Alina: First is the AMEŌN team – we are a soul tribe who take pride in the quality of our products and work passionately and hard everyday to create/produce and deliver something new to our clients and the market. The AMEŌN team can do the impossible!

Second is AMEŌN’s 3-step skincare ritual activated by our signature Frozen Essence, which won the award for best skincare product at Cosmoprof 2022, the most important B2B beauty show of the year in North America. Skin icing has been around for centuries. We modernized and beatified it and applied science to make skin icing even more effective with our unique formulas that are activated by freezing. With regular use, the effect is dramatic and cumulative.

Frozen Essence is a new category in skincare that we perfected over 2 years of product development. When you receive a beautiful Frozen Essence box it contains 9 mono-dose molds.  You pop them in the freezer and when they’re frozen you remove a single ice cube, massage it into your face and let it dry.

We call it the Skin Icing Ritual. What does it do? It causes blood vessels to constrict and then dilate, pulsing our carefully balanced ingredients deeper into the skin where they act quickly to hydrate, firm and reduce redness and imperfections.  Skin icing with Frozen Essence also helps serums and moisturizers work better, which means it enhances nearly every traditional skincare routine.

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The Ameon Radiance Set

EE: Is your Ameon sustainable in any other ways?

Alina: We do our best to reduce the waste of materials in any possible ways. Our packaging is minimalistic. We are working on an art program where we ask our clients to bring used AMEŌN packing to our location at Rockefeller Center where we collect it. One of my friends is an artist who collects used paper cups and boxes throughout NY and transforms them into furniture objects. It’s very unique and meaningful. As a designer I would love our next retail location to have objects created from our packaging. It’s a full circle. 

EE: What do you ultimately hope to achieve through Ameon?

Alina: We say that AMEŌN is an affordable luxury. For me it is smart sophisticated effective formulas, high standards and performance with aesthetic design at an honest price. 

During my chemo I met so many women who looked for the clean beauty brands and results because they were desperate to improve their appearance – I was one of them. In a moment like this you can buy a serum for $600 because you truly believe in the marketing of this product, you are vulnerable. I will never put our customers in that position.

I want to be a lifestyle brand you can trust and repurchase without feeling guilty about spending a lot of money. I’m very open about my personal journey because trust is built on honesty in relationships and it’s the true story of how AMEŌN was born. 

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