TBH // Noah Schnapp Does Nutella Better

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TBH was founded by Noah Schnapp. Yes, THE Will Byers from Stranger Things. He wants you to know that your toast, your spoon, your whole mouth- deserves so much better than the upside down world we’ve all been living in.

TBH is a decadent, chocolate hazelnut spread that’s high in protein, low in sugar and Palm Oil Free. It’s gluten-free, certified Kosher and unlike it’s competitor it’s totally vegan. Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming.

TBH Noah Schnapp
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TBH is Palm Oil Free on Purpose
Why Does Palm Oil Suck?

TBH was the result of Noah Schnapp realizing his favorite snack contained Palm Oil. This slick little ingredient hides in SO many food products and over 70% of cosmetics contain it! Palm Oil is the highest-yielding vegetable oil crop in the world, this is because it needs less than half the land required by other crops to produce the same amount of oil. To put it plainly, it’s the cheapest vegetable oil in the world, so everyone uses it, in almost everything.

Unfortunately, Palm Oil is the leading cause of deforestation globally as well. Palm oil production ultimately impacts valuable resources for the planet. Clear cutting causes wildlife habitats to shrink, impacting natural biodiversity and further harming endangered species.

TBH Noah Schnapp
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TBH is good on everything, or all by itself.
Protein from Peas

Noah Schnapp made TBH even better when he added 3 times as much protein to this hazelnut spread than its competitors. You may or may not know this but, Pea Protein is an excellent source of plant based protein that’s also naturally high in iron. You can’t taste it at all in this spread and frankly, unless you read the ingredient label you’d never know they snuck any peas in there!

TBH Noah Schnapp loves the Planet too

The team at TBH didn’t stop with just Palm Oil and extra protein. They wanted to be as sustainable as possible every step of the way. That’s why the TBH jars are made from 100% recycled plastic and all manufacturing is done entirely in the United States. Their shipping boxes fights deforestation too. For every one tree cut down for the cardboard materials, 20 are planted. The company has an overall vision of just doing things better. They aim to keep their footprint low and their positive impact high.

Snag a jar or five (you won’t regret it) at SnackTBH.com

and be sure to follow them at @snacktbh

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Note: This article contains affiliate links or codes, this means if you make a purchase I may get a small percentage of the sale (at no extra cost to you). As always, I only recommend products that I have tried and truly love.

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TBH Noah Schnapp
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TBH Toasts!

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