ORLY // SURREALIST Fall Collection

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Orly SURREALIST Fall Collection holds unexpected and dream-like shades for this fall season. Both bizarre and hypnotic, you’ll find yourself coming back to the bottles in this collection, time and time again almost like deja vu.

Orly Nail Lacquers are always Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free, Vegan, and made in Los Angeles. This six shade collection is Orly’s escape into to the unconscious mind, stretching your imagination into a strange yet beautiful dream, much like the era of Surrealism Art.

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A famous Surrealism painting by Spanish Artist Salvador Dali
What is Surrealism Art?

Surrealism was both a movement in visual art and literature, led by poet André Breton. It began in Europe after the first World War in 1924. The movement was a reaction to the devastation brought by the “rational” actions of European politics, that ultimately led to such a horrific war.

Surrealism was a way of meshing conscious and unconscious experiences so entirely that the world of fantasy would be blurred with the everyday world. Breton drew heavily on theories from Sigmund Freud, that the unconscious was the origin of the imagination.

orly surrealist
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The Orly Surrealist Shades
The Orly SURREALIST Collection

This six piece collection is such an eclectic and delightful palette, that I’m so excited to experiment with this fall season. “Persistent Memory” is a deep rich creme red, with a vampy depth I could actually die for. “Stop the Clock” is a saucy, chocolatey, metallic copper that is so cozy, you’ll be screaming for a pumpkin spice latte before your nails can dry.

“Elysian Fields” is a mossy, olive green creme color. Honestly, I thought this shade looked really gross at first, but when I swatched it I LOVED how it looked against my skin. “Metamorphosis” is by far the most magical bottle in this collection. This teal polish has a copper shimmer that is undeniably mesmerizing. It’s truly one of the most unique lacquers I’ve ever seen in my life.

orly surrealist
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Orly Surrealist Metamorphosis

“Ceci n’est Pas Blanc” is literally French for “This is not white”. This eggshell creme color is a little bit white, but with a subtle hint of warmth, so it’s not so stark and bright. “Dreamers Awake” is a light grey creme color that could easily be worn year round and looks like freshly poured, wet concrete.

Unleash your unconscious mind and let your imagination run wild with the Orly Surrealist Collection.

Snag your favorite shade at OrlyBeauty.com

And be sure to follow them on instagram @orly for some major manicure inspiration!

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orly surrealist
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Orly Surrealist shades Elysian Fields, Ceci n’est Pas Blanc and Dreamers Awake
Orly Surrealist
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Orly Surrealist shade Stop the Clock

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