LUXX AIR PRO 2 // Airwrap Hair Dryer & Styler

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The Luxx Air Pro 2 is a wildly innovative, hypersonic hair drying and styling tool. Designed to take your hair routine to the next level in an instant with automatic wrapping, drying, and styling- minus the extreme heat damage of traditional hot tools.

Luxx Air Pro 2 is a fabulous, all-in-one, chemical free and reusable hair styling tool, that will save you a fortune from your local blowout bar, time and time again. Achieve salon-quality results in the comfort of your own home and elevate your daily hairstyles in a flash. Come with me…let’s live the Luxx life!

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Buttons From Top to Bottom: Power, Cold Shot, Speed, Temperature.
Precision Controlled Heat

The Luxx Air Pro 2 has a very precise heat control function to help prevent extreme heat damage to your hair. It intelligently regulates the airflow temperature more than 30 times a second, adjusting the internal heating element accordingly, to keep the temperature under 115°C (239°F). Negative ions are also generated from the device, breaking up water molecules, causing hair to dry even faster without as much heat. This ion technology helps seal the hair cuticle as well, minimizing static and frizz for a smooth and healthy finish.

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Air Luxx Pro 2 Hair Dryer Attachment
What can The Luxx Air Pro 2 Do?

Honestly, the better question is… what can’t it do? The set comes with everything you need to dry and style your hair in a variety of different ways no matter your hair type or desired look.

The Base Wand is super-sonic quiet and easy to grip in either hand. The Blow Dryer Head is petit yet powerful, perfect for lightly drying before you start styling. The set includes two 1 ½” Curling Barrels that are 7 1/2” long, 1 barrel for each curl direction.

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Air Luxx Pro 2 Curling Barrels – the air wraps your hair in the direction the arrows are pointing.

For those that seek a sleeker look, the Smoothing Brush was made for especially for you. It effortlessly eliminates frizz as you simply slide it through your hair. I saved my personal favorite for last, the Volumizing Round Brush. This is what gives that barrel brush, 90’s blowout look, that is super hot right now.

This attachment is made with thick, anti-static bristles that grab hair at the roots and pump up the volume, without styling products or tangly back-combing. This attachment gives beautiful body that people pay big bucks for. The set also comes with a soft Heat Resistant Glove to protect your hand when changing out attachments.

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Air Luxx Pro 2 Smoothing Brush Attachment

Start with freshly washed and conditioned hair, that has been towel dried. You can apply a volume mousse or a heat protectant as usual, but I do not recommend using any hair oil or any other products that might weigh your hair down or prevent it from holding a curl.


Using the Blow Dryer attachment, both on the heat and speed setting 3, slightly dry all of your hair until it’s just damp. Not completely dry- but not wet to the touch. Then section off your hair and select your styling tool.


I chose the airwrap Curling Barrels because that’s the attachment I feel people get most excited about when purchasing this device. Make sure the arrows are pointing in the direction you want your curls to flow and change the attachments when switching sides.

The trick is to hold the barrel near your ends until it latches on, then slowly work it toward you. Let the heat swirl and curl for 5 seconds, then hold down the cold shot for another 5 seconds and then power off. Carefully slide the barrel away and let the curl set, untouched, for several minutes. Repeat around entire head.

Can’t get your hair to “catch”? Trying making your hair into smaller sections and be sure your hair isn’t too wet.


After your curls have set untouched for several minutes, gently separate each section with your fingers, lightly brushing through from mid-length to ends. Don’t actually use a hair brush for this. Lightly spray with a fine mist hair spray to set the curls to the degree you wish.

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Luxx Air Pro 2 Volumizing Round Brush Attachment
Practice makes Perfect

I will be the first to admit that there is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to using this hair tool. It’s not even a matter of difficulty, but simply learning how the device behaves vs. conventional hair tools you’re used to using. Rest assured, with every styling you complete the more you’ll find the technique and the better your results will get. It took me about three tries to achieve the looks I wanted, but now that I’ve learned I’ll never use another tool again!

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