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Meet luxury skincare and sexual wellness brand, Beia. They just launched a Body and Intimacy Serum featuring sustainably sourced, clean, natural ingredients like, Squalane, Coconut, and Aloe Vera. This multi-purpose serum can be used as a hydrating body moisturizer, as a massage oil or as a lubricant during intimate moments. Beia’s Body and Intimacy serum is beautifully packaged in an eco-friendly glass jar with a refillable, airless pump, which can (and SHOULD) be proudly displayed on your night stand. I had the wonderful opportunity to interview the founder of Beia, Brittany Lo, to find out how she got into shame-free skincare for everywhere.

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Founder of Beia, Brittany Lo

EE: Tell us a little about you.

I did ballet from the age of two and while getting ready for the recitals I discovered my mom’s makeup bag and fell in love with makeup. I actually wrote in my second grade journal that one day I would have my own beauty company and ever since then it has been my dream. I tried dabbling in business by starting a mascara line in high school since my school didn’t offer any business courses and loved the whole process of it. I went to Babson College known for entrepreneurship to learn more about starting a business and ultimately turned down my corporate job at a major beauty company upon graduation to start my own business and haven’t looked back since! 

EE: How and why did you start your company?

I started my first company Beautini right after graduation and became full time with it in March 2015 and then founded my new company, Beia in June 2021. Beia stems from the Mandarin (Chinese) word “bao bei” meaning precious, treasure. Beia is all about taking time for me-moments and finding these precious treasures of time throughout the day for yourself. I grew up fascinated by my mother’s makeup bag and wrote in my second grade journal that I would one day have a beauty line. However, the idea specifically for Beia’s big vision of serious skin for your personal pleasure, came from my dating experiences and having intimate conversations with countless women from Beautini who were taking their next step in their relationships (marriage) and learning about their pain points when it comes to beauty.

My first company, Beautini, is a wedding hair and makeup business, organically turned into a built-in market research platform with my clients and gained insights into their personal lives. For starters, a large group of women, due to blemishes or other skin concerns in their “nether regions”, were extremely self-conscious during sex. Additionally, more than that, they weren’t orgasming. Uncovering this was a turning point—a moment where I committed to empowering women with the tools they need to discover personal pleasure in all the right ways. I truly believe when you stop listening to the noise and start doing what feels best for your body, you’ll begin to feel truly confident.

Beia is serious skincare for the bedroom and beyond. This is SO much bigger than sex. It’s about feeling your best before, during, and after the big event.

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EE: How and where is your product made? 

Before we begin the product development process it is incredibly important for us to do thorough market research by talking to groups of real women and their intimate skincare concerns so we develop products that women actually need versus what we think they want. Once we have a clear idea of the pain points and what we want to create, we have an incredible chemist that I work very closely with on developing our products with until we get it perfect. During each submission, I work with a select group of women who test out the product and provide feedback and then we adjust the formula accordingly. Then after a lot of back and forth and edits we transfer the formula recipe to a contract manufacturer that we believe will do the best job producing it for us. Finding the right partners who have similar business values is important to make sure our ingredients are ethically sourced and that we are doing everything right as a small brand.

EE: Has this journey taught you anything? 

Yes, patience!! With my first company, advisors would always tell me I needed to be patient and things would fall into place. It certainly took longer than I expected to get the business off the ground, but it did really all work out. This time around with growing Beia, I still get just as impatient wanting the business to take off quickly, but I am now more aware of soaking in the beginning and the little moments that are so special.

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Beia Refresh pH balanced, unscented wipes

EE: Is your company sustainable in any other ways?

We are dedicated to being mindful of how we source our ingredients, what ingredients are used in our formulas and more importantly what we don’t use. We have refillable packaging and use glass rather than plastic bottles. Additionally, our cartons are FSC certified.

EE: What do you hope to achieve through your brand?

We are expanding into the sexual wellness space with our new Body & Intimacy Serum. Currently there is a lot of shame and guilt associated with women when it comes to sexual wellness. I want women to feel empowered to own their sexuality and make personal decisions that they feel good about without worrying about societal norms or expectations for women! With Beia we want to introduce products that address intimate concerns in a very sophisticated way where eventually women will proudly display their lube or sexual wellness products on their nightstand rather than hide it deep within a sock drawer. When you feel your best, you experience true inner confidence that radiates from the inside out and I’m determined to help women achieve that radiance through Beia! \

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Beia Daily Hydrating and Setting Mist

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