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Leonor Greyl was founded by two lovers in France, Leonor and Jean-Marie Greyl. They met by chance, one summer holiday at the beach and were married by 1963. Between Jean-Marie’s extensive knowledge of botanicals and Leonor’s passion for luxury haircare, the pair was a match made in haircare heaven.

The minds behind Leonor Greyl had a passion for essential oils and plant-based ingredients long before “green beauty” was even a phrase. So, in 1968 they launched the L’Institut Leonor Greyl salon, where their super chic, Parisian clients experienced their revolutionary natural hair products for the first time. Today the brand is a multi-generational, cruelty-free, family business with global sales, devoted celebrity fans, and eco-chic prestige that’s tough to beat.

leonor and jean-marie greyl
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Something for Everyone

While Leonor worked with clients in the salon and gathered feedback, Jean-Marie worked away in his lab to create haircare products using only the best botanicals. The goal was to repair, protect, and style hair while still soothing sensitive scalps. Together they created one innovation after another, by targeting every hair type and scalp condition.

Wether you have long, short, thick, thin, straight, or curly hair, Leonor Greyl has created oils, shampoos, masques, and styling lines to pamper, smooth, and shape every hair type. With 45 products sold in 45 countries, I have no doubts you’ll find exactly what your looking for with Leonor Greyl.

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Hair Concierge

Leonor Greyl understands that everyone’s hair is as unique as they are. That’s why they offer such a wide range of products, in addition to a personal Hair Care Concierge service. Anyone can schedule a virtual phone consultation with a hair and scalp expert directly on their website.

The expert takes the time to learn more about you and your hair. From that, they customize a haircare routine specifically tailored for your hair needs and lifestyle, then send a recap directly to your inbox to keep for future reference. There’s also a free Hair Analysis Quiz you can take at your own convenience, that is super helpful and will point you in the right direction right away.

Leonor greyl
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A Family Legacy

Through and through the Leonor Greyl brand is a family business at heart. Today, Leonor and Jean-Marie’s only daughter, Caroline Greyl is the President and CEO of the brand. Rightfully so, as she practically grew up at L’Institut immersed in luxury haircare and in the lab with her dad making formulas. Not only this, she earned her MBA from Columbia University and worked for other international cosmetics brands before officially joining the family business.

History seems to repeat itself as Caroline’s husband, Tom Brooks is a biologist and serves as Director of Research and Development for Leonor Greyl, much like her father did in partnership with her mother.

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Putting Earth First

Leonor Greyl has been and will always be dedicated to finding the best organic and natural ingredients while protecting the planet that provides those amazing botanicals. They promise to always seek sustainably-sourced, organically-farmed ingredients and continues to use recyclable packaging. They also partner with organizations like the Sea Cleaners, which is engineering a futuristic vessel that collects plastic from waterways, and Beeopic, helping vulnerable bee populations by hosting hives. Ultimately The Leonor Greyl story is a legacy of love, family, innovation, and environmental stewardship, and they’ve only just begun.

Shop the full collection, take the quiz or schedule your hair concierge appointment on leonorgreyl-usa.com and be sure to follow them on instagram @leonorgreylusa

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