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Winged Wellness specializes in supplements deigned to help women with sleep, mood, skin, energy and stress. They combine special herbs, cannabinoids (CBD) and adaptogens to achieve the desired results, these unique ingredients help with hormonal balancing too!

Unless you’re completely off the grid, the rapid pace of our digital existence can make life feel utterly sad or unbearably overwhelming, on a daily basis. First you must know that you are not alone- we are all in this together, feeling the exact same way.

The human experience is changing at a rate like never before, so cut yourself some slack while trying to evolve with the rest of humanity- it’a a hell of an undertaking. Hopefully, these natural supplements can benefit you like they have for me. To take the edge off and help you find the slice of zen you’re in desperate need of.

winged wellness
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Some of the natural remedies Winged Wellness uses.

Winged Wellness has five supplements that contain CBD and five that don’t. In the non-CBD formulas, they utilize other powerful adaptogenic mushrooms and botanicals. Every formula is thoughtfully crafted by a holistic nutritionist and credentialed master herbalist and all ingredients are clean, natural, and free of GMOs, gluten, and synthetics. The following are my three favorite supplements from Winged designed with Relaxation in mind.

winged wellness
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Chilled Out Powder

This is a NEW product from Winged. It’s a delicious, fast-acting, stress relief formula that pairs two very effective ingredients: Magnesium & KSM-66 Ashwagandha.

Magnesium plays a major role in allowing the mind and body to relax. Winged’s 15x concentrated Organic KSM-66® Ashwagandha Extract helps to reduce the “flight or fight” hormone cortisol and supports healthy adrenal gland function.

Chilled out has additional nutrients that support a positive mood, like 5-HTP, GABA, L-Theanine, Passionflower and Lemon Balm, giving you freedom from anxious thoughts, a relaxed body, and a calm mind.

Chilled Out comes in powder form, in a delicious and subtle Blood Orange flavor to be added to any drink of your choosing. I just add to my water bottle and shake!

winged wellness
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Relaxation CBD Gummies

These Relaxation gummies are a TOP best seller for Winged. Boasting over 250 five star reviews, they contain a powerful stress support formula that promotes good vibes and nice, big, deep breaths. They are made with 10mg CBD (per gummy) sourced from organically grown, full spectrum hemp extract, that helps minimize stress hormones like cortisol.

It has ingredients like Evening Primrose Oil, to support balanced hormonal levels. Along with Lemon Balm, which has been used for centuries by women to support a positive mood and ease anxiety or irritability. Even Chamomile is used, known as a gentle herb used for both mental and physical relaxation.

winged wellness
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Dark Chocolate Bites Relaxation CBD

These dark chocolate Relaxation bites are vegan, sugar-free and taste amazing. Perfect for taking the edge off of anxiety anytime time of the day or night. Crafted by a master chocolatier, each bite contains certified organic cacao that’s ethically sourced from a female run co-op farm.

The 30mg of organic CBD is sourced from broad spectrum hemp extract easing feelings of stress swiftly. It also has an adaptogen called Maca, that nourishes glands throughout your body that are responsible for hormone production, improving your mood and stress response.

It also has 5-HTP, an amino acid precursor to serotonin, the brain’s “happy” neurotransmitter. You may notice hint of Hibiscus flower petal extract too. It actually adds antioxidant protection and a pleasant, floral whisper to each chocolaty bite.

All three of these Winged Wellness supplements have become a staple in my life. Each one delivering a little more ease and peace in their own unique ways, when and how I need it.

When the weight of the world becomes too much, I’m so glad I have my Winged products to carry me through it!

Find what helps you be your best and shop everything at

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You can also read more about Winged here!

Until next time…

Note: This article contains affiliate links or codes, this means if you make a purchase I may get a small percentage of the sale (at no extra cost to you). As always, I only recommend products that I have tried and truly love.

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The Chill Out Powder ingredient info
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The Relaxation Gummies Ingredient info.


  1. How much liquid should you use?

    1. Hey Nadia,
      Thank you for checking out this article! I used 8 oz. of water, however the Chilled Out powder has unfortunately been discontinued since this article was published. Winged does still carry an excellent variety of supplements that work just as well though, so be sure to shop their full collection.

      be sure to TAKE 20% off with my code: ERINMILLER20

      Have a great day!


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