THE FOX TAN // Plant-Based PETA Approved Self Tanner

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The Fox Tan is a 100% plant-based, Australian-made collection of self-tanner that will keep you bronzed and beautiful all year round. Their latest trio of products: Dark Tropical Self-Tan Creme, Dark Tropical Self-Tan Mousse and Gradual Self-Tan Face Serum, are all formulated with The Fox Tan’s unique “reduced scent technology” to remove the usual funky scent of self-tanners and leave you with the delicious tropical scents of pineapple or coconut.

All The Fox Tan products are vegan friendly, PETA approved and are developed using 100% plant based DHA. These products give you the darkest and fastest tan without spending hours in the harmful sun, the results are insane!

I had the opportunity to try the latest collection and connect with The Fox Tan co-founder Olivia Zorzut to get the scoop on this impressive brand and how it all came to be…

the fox tan
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The Fox Tan Dark Self Tanner Face Serum and Mousse
EE: What was it like for you growing up?

Olivia – “My dad had businesses all his life and being a business owner really was the only thing I ever desired to do, it was the norm for me. Little girls played dress-up and got married, I played dress-up and acquired businesses. Some people seem scared and apprehensive to be your own boss, for me the thought of working for someone else scares me more..haha.. so it really was the only thing I knew.”

EE: What inspired The Fox Tan and how did you get to where you are today?

Olivia – “it was March 2015 I was laying on a beach tanning, I thought to myself how could I do this better… how could I tan faster with way less UV exposure, it literally was one of those epiphany moments you hear about. It all came to me what I wanted to do, and how I would need to execute it. First thing was to discuss my idea with Kelly and get her on this project.. next step was to engage one of Australia’s leading biochemists .. and then the rest was a lot of effort and sweat but on reflection, it’s definitely been worth it!”

The Fox Tan Dark Self Tanner Mousse
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The Fox Tan Dark Self Tanner Mousse
EE: What inspired you to work in this specific industry?  

Olivia – “I’ve always been extremely passionate about beauty and the tanning industry in particular. I started my journey in the tanning industry when I was 22 years old, at 23 I purchased my first business, a tanning & beauty salon (with a big loan and big pressure). After 7 successful years I sold up and was taking a little bit of time to find the next journey and as explained above it really was that moment that led me to where we are now.”

EE: How is your product made? What makes it unique? 

Olivia – “It really is all in the formulations and quality of ingredients that we use. We knew the concept would work but finding the right way to formulate it on a mass level has been challenging at times. There are a number of ingredients that are not very easily sourced and that has been one of our secrets, and as we would love to tell you more.. it needs to remain a secret ;)”

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The Fox Tan Dark Self Tan Creme
EE: Has this journey been difficult for you in any way?

Olivia – “Any time you embark on a new journey there are going to be times of guessing if what you are doing is the right thing. Particularly in the early stages when the orders were just trickling in and we knew for it to be viable we needed a lot more.. so there were definitely anxious times in the beginning but luckily those times didn’t last long. Once we got to scale there have been more difficulties in producing in mass, shipping and ingredient issues, and just general day-to-day operational issues which is really par for the course.”

EE: What are you most proud of as a company?

Olivia – “Starting from such humble beginnings and now being retailed in some of the biggest beauty stores globally, that really makes me proud. It also never gets old receiving emails/dms from users who tell us how much they love our products.”

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The Fox Tan Dark Self Tanner Creme
EE: Is The Fox Tan ethical/sustainable in any other ways? 

Olivia – “We are extremely proud to have the PETA verification that all our products are Vegan (We are huge animal lovers). We make sure all our manufacturing facilities are mindful of the environment and are constantly trying to improve our footprint. As a small business, it can be tricky for us as we need to balance the demands of being sustainable while also ensuring our products can withstand stability. There is some amazing innovation in this space at the moment that we can hopefully bring on board very soon!”

EE: What do you ultimately hope to achieve through The Fox Tan? 

Olivia – “Right now we are predominantly in the tanning space but our ultimate goal is to be just as much beauty orientated.”

I’m so excited to see where this brand goes. I’m madly in love with the results of this self tanner trio. I instantly looked like I’d spent the week on a tropical vacation, after just one application. I love a nice glow, but I don’t like the UV damage that comes with being in the sun. I’m so excited to share this cruelty free, plant based self tanner option with you all!

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Disclaimer: This article contains an affiliate link. This means if you make a purchase, I may get a small percentage of the sale price (at no extra cost to you). As always, I only recommend brands and products I’ve tried and truly love!

and be sure to follow them on instagram @thefoxtan

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The Fox Tan Dark Self Tanner Facial Serum
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