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Easter morning in many households often starts with an Easter basket filled with more than enough sugar to put a horse in a coma. For most families though, it simply means a tummy full of sugar, an energetic wild streak and finally- a mid morning meltdown that the Easter Bunny himself would’ve never approved of.

I could be talking about myself, or a small child- either way, it’s not a good look for what should be a lovely spring celebration!

What if you could satisfy your sweet tooth without sacrificing your health or crashing and burning like a toddler? Well, the great news is- we live in a wild time of the future and you can. Enter Smart Sweets. The answer to every adult’s prayers- who loves candy but knows darn well it does NOT love them back.

smart sweets
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Some of the Smart Sweets crew
How it started…

Smart Sweets was invented by the kind of adult mentioned above. It began when the founder of Smart Sweets, Tara, experienced the negative effects excess sugar had on her own health. She truly tried to eat less sugar, but she found it only caused her to crave candy even more.

Tara was on a quest to kick sugar but somehow still keep candy in her life. The no-sugar and sugar free products on the market were filled with artificial flavors, colors and sugar alcohols. All things a health conscious person would also likely want to avoid.

With seemingly no great choices available, Tara began experimenting on her own. She spent months testing various healthy candy recipes in her home kitchen. At last, with a gummy bear mould she bought from the internet and her own special blend of ingredients, Tara created her first delicious candy – without all the sugar.

smart sweets
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Find out whats inside- Nothing to hide here
Something for Everyone…

I am fully confident that this candy passes for the real deal with kids too. With so many fun spins on classic candies there truly is a bag of goodies for every kind of sweet tooth in your crew. Flavors like Cola Bottle Gummies, Sweet Fish, Sour Worms, Sour Watermelons, Peach Rings, Red Twists, Sour Blast Buddies, and more you can all have your candy and eat it too!

I personally do not play favorites, nor do you have to- as you can easily build your own combo box, with plant based, vegan options too! Not to mention the super sweet discount code I have for you.

Use my code ERINEEMILLER10 for 10% off orders of $30 or more on their website!

Shop everything in this marvelously, guilt free candy land at

and be sure to follow them on instagram @smartsweets

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Until next time…



smart sweets
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Build your own Box of Smart Sweets

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