ORLY // Impressions Spring Lacquer

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Channel your inner 1800’s painter this spring, with ORLY Spring nail polish collection!

I recently discovered ORLY is actually cruelty free and vegan. It’s also formulated without harmful ingredients and is made entirely in the USA. With unbeatable quality and really beautiful lacquer shades releasing this spring, I thought I’d share my latest obsession.

This seasons’ perfectly picked pastels were inspired by Impressionism art. Impressionism was a radical art movement that began in the late 1800’s. It centered primarily around painters located in Paris, France who rebelled against the classical subject matter that came before it.

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ORLY Impressions Spring Collection

This era embraced modernity, with a deep desire to create art that reflected the real world in which they lived. In a way, I feel we’re living in a time similar to this- an era in which the classical and conventional no longer fit, we’re all just longing for something more authentic, natural and “now”.

This 6 piece Impressions lacquer set stole my heart instantly. I’ve always leaned toward lighter nail polish colors against my olive skin, so I was sold immediately. Each color is rich in pigment and gives complete coverage with just two coats (which can be hard to come by in a pastel shades sometimes.) I loved them all so much and couldn’t decide, so I went with a rainbow look, painting each nail a different color.

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ORLY Impressions, in shades Parcs & Parasols and Artist’s Garden

This spring, bask in the splendor of simplicity. ORLY Impressions, silky creme colors will have you day dreaming of leisurely strolls through the Artist’s Garden in the middle of a Golden Afternoon. As dusk settles au Provence, lay down your parasol and dance among the irises. You are the artist of your own life- What color do you choose first?

Check out the full spring collection on OrlyBeauty.com

and be sure to follow them on instagram @ORLY

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