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What is SOW?

SOW stands for Seeds of Wellness. It’s a chia-based food company that’s using a very tiny seed to make a giant impact. SOW Chia seed milk is low in calories and high in protein and fiber. It’s completely vegan, free of the top 8 allergens and is verified non gmo. With this companies’ dedication to regenerative farming practices, the latest plant-milk to hit the scene is not only good for you, but great for our planet too.

SOW was founded by a group of people who, like you and I, wanted to do something better for everyone and the planet as a whole. It all began with a very simple idea: to eat healthier, with a very small, yet very magical seed called, Chia. They went wild and made sweetened and unsweetened chia milks, some flavored with hints of chocolate or vanilla. All loaded with so many health benefits. It didn’t stop there, they went one step further and decided everything should also be: vegan, non-GMO and free of the top 8 common allergens: wheat, soy, fish, milk, nuts, peanuts, eggs and shellfish.

sow chia seed milk
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SOW chia seed milk 4 Pack
How it grows matters…

SOW proudly labels themselves as control freaks. They are shamelessly obsessed with the production process of their products from start to finish. SOW has a methodology called “From the Field to your Plate” that allows them to oversee the entire process of their products journey. They carefully monitor every step, from the chia that is planted, to the people who harvest it, to the packaging you take home with you.

The team at SOW acknowledges that we are not alone in this world, together we are more than 7.8 billion across the globe. This is why SOW is actively participating in the production of sustainable food for our earths future generations.

At Seeds of Wellness, they believe that genetically modified organisms are incompatible with conscious agriculture and social responsibility in general. That is why they only grow non-GMO seeds (without genetic modification). They feel it’s the least they can do for our beloved planet- that has so much patience for all of us.

sow chia seed milk
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SOW Crops
Zero Waste & All Natural

These aren’t a bunch of granola-loving-hippies either, the team at SOW also equally loves technology. They believe when it can work in positive ways for you and your community, it’s amazing. The people at SOW are very proud of their modern processing plant in Arica, Chile. This is because it doesn’t generate polluting waste as a result of their food production. In addition, they do not use any chemical processes and are FSSC22000 certified.

The Health Benefits

SOW Chia seed Milk naturally contains heart healthy omega-3 fat. This milk is an easy and delicious way to get key nutrients that your body needs daily. It’s also packed with fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant’s that hold so many health benefits. In fact, SOW chia seed milk is one of the most nutritious plant milks you can buy. With nearly twice the fiber and as much protein as a glass of oat milk. This milk can help improve your gut health, heart health and has anti-inflammatory properties.

sow chia seed milk
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SOW Vanilla Unsweetened Chia Seed Milk

If plant-based milk is your thing, SOW chia seed milk could be your new best friend.

You can shop their full product line up on their website Sow.bio

be sure to follow them on instagram too @sow.usa

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sow chia seed milk
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SOW Chocolate Chia Seed Milk

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