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I had the amazing opportunity to interview Esther Kim, the co-founder of New York City’s fresh indie fashion label, Into the Night. This hot and funky fashion brand is bringing all the Y2K vibes into today and I am more than here for it.

Erin: Briefly walk us through your life story.

Esther: I immigrated from what was the Soviet Union to Cleveland, OH when I was very young. I grew up there until I left for college at Syracuse University. I graduated from the Whitman School of Business with a double major in Supply Chain Management and Marketing. After graduation, I moved to NYC and worked in Product Development at Macy’s Merchandising Group for 4 years. 

into the night
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Into the Nigh Safari Blazer and 3D Pocket Mini Skirt in Ochre, also available in Navy and Black

Erin: How, when and why did you start your company? 

Esther: I like to do a lot of different things. I am happiest when I have a packed social life at night and culturally fulfilling activities during the day. I started thinking about my variety of different adventures in the context of the fashion industry. What if there was a clothing brand specifically for people like me. Who’s day starts with no end time and where welcome adventure is possibly right around the corner. 6pm rolls around and you look at your friends and you make the big decision of “are we going into the night?”.

Clothing could sometimes hinder that decision, as you were not dressed in a way that gives you the confidence to go do whatever dawn may bring. When you are taken out of your comfort zone the least you can do for yourself is feel confident in what you are wearing. So we launched Into The Night in June 2020, a clothing brand fit for spontaneity.

We want to equip our girl with an outfit that could last her from brunch to 3am dancing and whatever may happen in between. Our ultimate goal is to give our customers the confidence to stay out and do more. My travels taught me that if there is an opportunity and an interest in doing or seeing something, even if the “why” isn’t clear, do it, and be dressed for it.

into the night
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Into the Night Icy Blue Slinky Mini Dress available in multiple colors!

Erin: How and where are your product is made?

Esther: We design everything in NYC in the garment district! Almost all of our factories are right around the corner from us. This is pretty unique, as we know every single individual personally that touches the garment that ends up at your doorstep. We take great pride in the materials that we use and my partner Lulu is a master at sourcing beautiful fabrics.

Erin: Has this journey taught you anything? 

Esther: The journey has taught me that the Into The Night mindset, which is about doing things, living with confidence and seeking adventure, is important in all areas in life.

into the night
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Into the Nigh Chromatic Mini Dress in Hot Pink Pearl also available in Blue
photo by Juan Carlos Ariano

Erin: What are you most proud of as a company so far?  

Esther: I’m really proud of the message and feeling we sew into every garment. We have had people book trips that they wouldn’t have taken in the past because they now felt confident about what they would wear and pack. We have had people that have struggled with confidence issues transform into a bad ass version of themselves they forgot existed when wearing one of our dresses. That inspiration to do more, and the feeling to be your most confident gorgeous self, through an Into The Night piece, is what we are really proud of as a team. Oh and of course, when someone actually goes “Into The Night” and we see on IG that they had an epic brunch, museum visit, walk and then they are tearing up a dance floor somewhere – that’s very cool.

Erin: What do you ultimately hope to achieve through your brand?

Esther: I want people around the world to reach into their closet and choose ITN because it’s what they want to wear. I want people to associate our pieces with their best memories and their most confident selves. When you’re wearing ITN, you’re peaking.

Start saying YES to more things in life and shop the full collection at shopintothenight.com

be sure to follow them on instagram too @shop_intothenight

If you’re in LA, stop by the Into the Night POP up shop in Santa Monica, at 909 Montana ave!

If you like thoughtfully made clothing, you’ll love Mi So Happi too!

Until next time…



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Into the Night Bowery Blazer in hot Pink
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Great Jones Feather Mini Skirt and Bowery Blazer in electric Blue

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