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WVN is…

WVN makes timeless, organic clothing for women who want to look great, while also caring for the earth. This fresh and classic clothing label was founded by by eco-fashion designer Kate Fisher.

For over 20 years Kate worked with artisans in India and Nepal. She found herself inspired by their amazing fabrics and beautiful textiles. For the last 15 years Kate focused on making clothing as sustainably as possible, with her first label Synergy Organic Clothing.

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WVN Movement line is so soft, stretchy, and supportive.
Something New

Since then, Kate found herself wanting to create a fresh, new fashion brand. One that would meet the needs of the (post pandemic) modern day woman, in all of her moods and phases of the day. Whether it was working out or heading out for an evening event. It was important to her to create a brand that people could trust and feel good about supporting.

Now, more than ever, there is so much misunderstanding and misinformation about who makes our clothing. Kate and WVN are highly critical, only partnering with the best clothing makers, using the highest certified organic fabrics. WVN extends that same care to the women who buy and wear their clothing. The goal is to help you look great and feel at ease knowing that the clothing was made with intention, in a way that cares for the Earth and the people who made it. 

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The timeless and darling WVN Nicolette Top in Leaf Print Maple sugar
High Standards + Certifications

For WVN, what makes a brand “sustainable” is creating products with the highest levels of sustainability, while treating everyone in the supply chain with respect and care. This involves making deliberate choices in how to care for people and the planet, in all aspects of product journey, from start to finish.

All of WVN’s clothing is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), this also means they use low impact dyes. They partner with only Fair Trade Certified clothing makers, meaning everyone who helps make WVN garments are paid a fair, living wage and work in safe conditions. Kate personally visits all of their suppliers and maintains close relationships with every factory that produces WVN goods. 

WVN is rare, being 1 of roughly only 100 clothing companies in the United States to be a B Corp. Very few clothing brands hold all three of these respected certifications because it takes time and commitment to achieve them.

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The WVN Delphina Top
Shop Smarter

With Greenwashing (making false claims about sustainability) running rampant in fashion, Kate suggests researching brands before you buy anything. Read the “about” sections on their websites and look for official certifications like the ones mentioned above. Another huge red flag is a low price point. While everyone loves a good deal, it’s often a telltale sign of fast fashion. More often than not, low prices mean the clothing was likely made with with cheap materials, underpaid or never paid workers and overall unconscious clothing production.

WVN does its best to be inclusive in sizing and affordability. So they created “WVN for You” at a lower, more accessible price point. WVN for you is currently being sold at Whole Foods and soon to be available on their website.

The Goal…

WVN and Kate aim to inspire the fashion industry and its consumers to be more thoughtful. By showing that together, we can make the world a better place without compromising style and quality.

Shop the full collection at ShopWVN.com

and be sure to follow them on instagram @shopwvn

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Iโ€™ve been living in my WVN Ribbed Oversized Cardigan and tank all winter.

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