WILDWONDER // Sparkling Prebiotic + Probiotic Drink

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What is it?

Wildwonder is a fizzy and delicious drink designed to boost your immune system and even elevate your mood! In fact, Wildwonder is the first drink on the market that combines two very important elements for a healthy gut- live probiotics and prebiotic fiber. Their special recipes also combine ancient traditional herbs and yummy fruits into this probiotic and prebiotic blend, for a holistic and delicious approach to better gut health.

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Grab a Wildwonder Mocktail Kit
(alcohol not included and optional in all recipes)
Probiotics + Prebiotics

Every can of Wildwonder contains Live Vegan Probiotics. These super small microorganisms help your digestive system by improving your gut flora. The team at Wildwonder worked extensively with Microbiome experts to develop a unique strain of probiotics that survives the harsh environment of your stomach acid and actually reaches your gut, along with antioxidant and digestive benefits.

Wildwonder contains two of the most prebiotic rich foods on earth- Chicory Root and Jerusalem Artichoke. Those two ingredients also contain natural plant fiber. Prebiotic plant fiber aids in digestion and feeds probiotics, making them more effective. Wildwonder Drink has 20% of your daily recommended fiber needs in just one serving.

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A Wildwonder Cheers with Lemon Ginger and Guava Rose sparkling drinks
Herbs + Fruit

Did someone say Superherbs? Wildwonder did. They use superfoods inspired by ancient nutritional practices. Ingredients like like ginger, turmeric, and elderberry, work like magic when combined with prebiotics and probiotics. They help to elevate your immune system and gut health. These herbs can help to reduce inflammation, ease digestion and prevent disease.

Fruit Yeah! Wildwonder drinks are flavored naturally using fresh fruit juices and purees. Juicy fruits like luscious lemons, pretty pink guavas, and mangoes are sourced from sustainable and organic farms before they get the squeeze. These fruits are also rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and are immune boosting too!

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Wildwonder Mango Turmeric Sparkling drink
Long story, short-

You may or may not know this, but over 70% of your immune system is in your gut. Remember that saying “You are what you eat”? Well, it’s actually true! A healthy gut microbiome (or flora) plays a direct part in your daily experience, from your body’s digestion, mood, energy metabolism, brain health, and inflammatory response. So if you drink and eat terrible foods, you will probably feel pretty terrible too. Vegan, certified organic, with only 35 calories and 6 grams of sugar per can- grab a Wildwonder and get things in your gut balanced and back on track!

Shop all the flavors and learn more at DrinkWildwonder.com

and be sure to follow them on instagram @DrinkWildwonder

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Until next time…



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  1. Where in Southern California do you sell your products? LA/CO Line

    1. Hello Carlotta!
      Thank you for your comment, You can find Wild Wonder by using their websites store locator feature: https://drinkwildwonder.com/pages/store-locator Best of luck, please come back and let me know what flavor you liked most! Have a beautiful day! EE

  2. Hello: ordered my second box and love this a lot but realizing the box says to refrigerate upon arrival. Is it ok that I didn’t do that? Just don’t want to get sick if I drink it. I got it last night and put in the fridge this morning. Last time it sat out for several days and then I put in the fridge and drank them and didn’t get sick so it must be ok? Thanks!

    1. Hey Anna!
      Thanks for your comment and for stopping by!
      I don’t believe there is a danger in not putting them in the fridge right away.
      They are just meant to be served cold.

      What is your favorite flavor so far?
      Can’t wait to hear from you again,


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