SOLIDU // Waterless Beauty Bars

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What is it?

Solidu Cosmetics makes ethical, innovative and waterless beauty bars that are packaged in 100% backyard compostable boxes. This small, women-owned beauty brand was founded in Lithuania by an environmentally conscious and very ambitious woman named Vaiva.

Solidu hair products are made with high-quality active ingredients, butters, extracts, and essential oils that are formulated into a solid bar specifically designed for hair and scalp needs. Every bar is designed to be not just green, but effective. This means you will find many of the same ingredients you find in a standard shampoo or conditioner bottle in their bars too. Solidu bars are hand-made by their small team and then packaged in home-compostable packaging that is designed to break down (without any special conditions) within 45 days. The entire product is plastic-free, zero-waste, and all-around good for the environment.

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Solidu body butter bar is like lotion minus all the water and plastic
How it started…

It all began when Vaiva decided to backpack through Asia one last time, before returning home to Lithuania. With limited space, she was forced to be strategic in what she brought along with her. The final items left to pack were her liquid haircare products, that ultimately were too large to squeeze in anywhere. That’s when Vaiva discovered the wonders of solid bar beauty products and the seed for SOLIDU was unknowingly planted in her mind.

After returning home to Lithuania, Vaiva was inspired to learn about and make solid shampoos herself. What began as a hobby and fun gifts for her friends and family, soon transformed into a small retail business. She found herself participating in street fairs and various local events. Vaiva’s customers kept coming back to buy more Solidu Bars for themselves and for their loved ones, which for her was a great sign of success.

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Solidu Balance Solid Shampoo Bar
How it’s going…

Slowly but surely Solidu grew its client circle. From boutique shops to pharmacies and supermarkets, Solidu became the most well-known solid product manufacturer in Lithuania.

They are now available in multiple countries throughout Europe and recently launched in the United States. Vaiva is the most proud of two things: her team and her customers. She is constantly amazed by the great team of people she works with at SOLIDU, how everybody is driven by the brand values and mission in their everyday work. 

She’s also amazed and beyond grateful for her loyal customers who continue to spread the love and share their positive experiences with Solidu products. She’s so thankful for their continuous support, without which she wouldn‘t be where she is today.

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Solidu Solid Body Wash Bar (aka good old fashion bar soap)
For the Planet…

Because Solidu is such a compact product, they’ve cut back greatly on the CO2 emissions caused through transport. They are also constantly finding ways to repurpose various materials they receive. Many of their orders are re-packed into boxes that their ingredients arrive in and then cushioned with repurposed materials. They also use paper tape and shipping labels to make as little impact as possible. The Solidu team even have desks in the office made from barrels that their ingredients were delivered in- talk about repurposing!

SOLIDU was created out of the love for the environment and a need for a simple, yet innovative solution. They’ve created a choice for people that want to lead a sustainable lifestyle and have high-quality beauty products available to them, no matter where life takes them. Their vision is quite simple: beautiful people on a clean Earth.

Shop their shampoo, conditioner, body butters and more at

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and be sure to follow them on instagram @SoliduCosmetics

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Solidu It’s Thyme body butter bar, it smells so fresh!

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