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Plant People has seemingly unlocked centuries of botanical plant knowledge to create extremely unique and innovative supplement formulas that reconnect humans to their true nature. It all began with just two men. The founders of Plant People, Hudson and Gabe both happened to have had traumatic spinal injuries. It was only after they both found their way back to health together, through plant-based healing, that they came to realize something truly marvelous. That people can unlock the power of plants and that plants can unlock the true potential in all people. There was a lovely symbiosis just waiting for everyone, that most people in the modern world had never even known.

What they discovered in their journey to healing and better health, was that plants and people are actually more alike than they are different. In both species, you can find strong roots of natural intelligence that today only grow deeper and deeper. Every product from Plant People draws from this foundation, with science-backed practices and plant solutions that have proven themselves over the span of many generations, time and time again.

Plant People
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Plant People Drops+ For Mind & Body, Sleep and daytime Relief

It all starts in the formula. The team at Plant People do things a little differently- they look back into the history of time in order to look forward to the future. With this perspective, along with the help of doctors and scientists, they formulate every product with centuries of proven holistic plant power. They combine the highest quality ingredients with cutting-edge science and clinical research to develop powerful, unmatched, and truly effective products. Everything is sourced responsibly using exceptional, premium, organic ingredients. They work diligently, scouring the globe for the best quality ingredients that are potent, pure, research backed, lab tested and validated, organically grown, biodiverse and free of any herbicide, pesticides, heavy metals and any contaminants.

Plant People is a Certified B Corp. They invest in regenerative organic, biodiverse farming practices. That results in chemical-free and completely pure plant extracts that are delivered at clinical-grade levels to ensure integrity and performance. They strive to embody all thing regarding sustainability. To align with all of natures cycles, they strive to give back for everything they take from the earth. From regenerative and organic practices, to a responsible (minimally plastic) supply chain and planting a tree for every product sold.

Plant People
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Plant People has a line of Skincare made with CBD too!

On difficult or stressful days I always reach for my Plant People Wonderday Mushroom Gummies. They have 10 adaptogenic, research-backed mushrooms like- Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Reishi Mushroom, Chaga, Maitake Mushroom, Turkey Tail, Shiitake, Wood Ear, White Button, and Royal Sun. This unique blend supports your body and mind in four different areas- a healthy stress response, overall improved energy and mental performance, healthy digestion and stimulating your immune system. Not to mention the delicious, fruity, wild raspberry flavor will definitely keep you coming back for your daily dose.

As a night time supplement, I turn to my Plant People Drops+ Sleep. A tincture formulated especially for tranquil, restorative rest and rejuvenated mornings. This is a non GMO, organic, full spectrum hemp extract, high in CBD and CBN. It helps you fall asleep, supports healthy circadian rhythms (your bodies natural clock), supports hormone balance and adrenals for stress relief, and soothes muscles and recovery with circulation and immunity support. I like to to take it 15-20 minutes before bedtime. Just squeezing one full dropper full under my tongue and letting it soak in for 30 seconds or longer before swallowing. Remember consistency is the key for success when it comes to taking CBD supplements, so take it every night to feel the full effects.

plant people
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The benefits of Plant People’s Wonderday Mushroom Gummies

Plant People allows you to try three or four days’ supply of Drops+ Sleep, Drops+ Relief (for Day time use) or their Clear Focus formula for just $9.99 so you can try their best sellers before you commit.
The entire Plant People product line represents their unwavering belief that the answer always lies in nature. So you can stand tall, stay grounded, root down, and branch out. Just like nature intended.

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Enjoying the benefits and flavor of Plant People’s Wonderday Mushroom Gummies

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