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ReDress is a luxury consignment, rent-a-rack store opening next week in L.A.! The rent-a-rack concept has existed in Nordic countries for decades and is a very common way for people there to buy and sell pre-loved and vintage clothing. When Kati and her husband moved to the USA they quickly realized there was a major lack of places to sell their high quality second hand clothing and thus ReDress came to life.

Before they moved, Kati was a TV Director and Writer in Finland and her husband Joonas worked in real estate. Kati was working in TV production in L.A. in 2014 and fell in love with the city. Her husband visited her three times that year before finally deciding to move here for good. Three years later, they finally had their immigration paper work ready and moved to Los Angeles with their two dogs and just a few suitcases. 

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A very full rented rack, ready to make some secondhand sales!
How it started…

Eventually Kati decided to shift careers from Television Production to focus full time on running ReDress. With her growing concern for planet earth and global warming, she hoped to bring something to the world that could make it a little more sustainable. She was especially excited to share and introduce the rent-a-rack concept that she grew up with, that’s not only new Los Angeles, but also new to the entire country of America. Although the concept itself is old, ReDress as a brand has only just begun. It’s a great way to recycle and give new life to the clothes and accessories you no longer wear. Kati’s friend actually took the same concept to Australia 4 years ago and it has become super popular there now.

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The reDress Shop window, explaining the process and Now Hiring!
So how does ReDress work?

Essentially, You rent the whole rack for yourself and can bring maximum 50 pieces and 5 accessories (shoes or handbags) at a time. The rack rent is $99 a week plus a 15% commission that goes to the store. You book the rack, create prices for your items on their online platform and track your sales online. They provide the coat hangers, hang tags, price tags and security alarm tags. As they sell your clothing you can replace the sold items with new ones. It’s basically like having your own rack in a clothing store! It’s a great way to make space in your wardrobe, whilst making some extra money. It’s also great for people shopping at ReDress as the inventory is changing all the time, even if you come in multiple times a week there is always something new to find!

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The ReDress location in Atwater Village Prepares to open its doors!
The bigger picture…

While there are lots of secondhand and vintage stores in L.A., there isn’t a similar concept like this one. A place where you can sell so many pieces in a physical store and shoppers can try on before buying. This concept also uses less emissions than online thrift stores as they don’t ship the clothing across the country. The sellers and buyers are from the same city and community. 

ReDress’s mission is to make the fashion industry more sustainable by offering ordinary people a place where they can easily sell the clothes they no longer wear, giving them a new life for someone else. They also hope that renting a rack becomes normal and popular thing, like it has been in Scandinavian countries for so long.

Visit the store at: 3222 Glendale Blvd. 90039 Los Angeles

Find out more, or rent a rack for your own little clothing sale at

be sure to follow them on instagram too @ReDress.LA

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