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Jinjer is an all women team that helped build the entire brand to what it is today. Their different backgrounds from all over the world allowed them to come together and share various cultures of knowledge that shaped them to who they are today.

The team at Jinjer knows that no matter where we come from, we all struggle with one common thing- being told by society to act and look a certain way. Tired of all the unrealistic expectations, Jinjer wants to put an end to it all. That’s why they encourage women to take a moment of self-care and listen to what their body needs rather than listening to society.

They don’t want you to just brush off the small aches and pains you feel because you “should be tough”. The team at Jinjer want to redefine what it means to be strong. To them it means knowing yourself, knowing your body and knowing when to take a well deserved break. 

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Learning about ginger is what inspired this brand into its existence. With its natural healing properties, the founders felt the best way to introduce ginger to the world was through the health and wellness industry. They created an essential oil because it can be used in various ways that help both mental and physical health in everyone. It was a single product that can help people in multiple ways.

Jinjer’s product sourcing begins in Southeast Asia. They work with local Ginger farmers who farm in a sustainable, ethical and nurturing environment that helps produce high quality crops. Once the ginger is harvested, it’s sent for extraction. Then, after the oil is extracted, it’s mixed with two carrier oils, Jojoba and Evening Primrose oil. This creates an essential oil blend that can be used at anytime even on the go.

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Jinjer is most proud of being an all female team that is constantly finding innovative ways to better promote the mental and physical health of women. While also remaining very conscious of their impact on the environment.

Jinjer is a sustainable company in 2 main ways.The first is their unique oil extraction method and the second being their product packaging. They use an extraction process called “Supercritical Fluid Extraction” a method that uses CO2 to extract the oil, instead of water (in the traditional steamed distillation process). This extraction process allows them to reuse the same CO2 over and over again thus reducing the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. 

The second way is their product packaging. The oil comes in a re-usable glass bottle and glass dropper (giving you full control and eliminating messy spills). They’ve also printed the instructions on the inside of the box, instead of including the normal paper info pamphlet. There’s a little ‘Push & Pull” tab that you pop open to unbox the packaging. Inside you will find the product instructions, the brand story and contact information. 

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Jinjer’s ultimate goal is support and empower females through various ways of life and to remind them to schedule and KEEP me-time for themselves. They started with JINJER oil to introduce the world to the amazing benefits of ginger. As they continue to expand their brand, they want to create products that focus on prioritizing self-care, that are convenient to use and healing to the body and mind. 

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