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Scream Pretty
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Scream Pretty is a London-based ethical jewelry brand founded by sisters Lucy Lee and Jessica Pearce. They grew up in a busy, loving household as their family fostered many children. When she was young, Lucy loved to dance and do gymnastics. She even went to a performing arts school, brushing shoulders with future celebrities like Victoria Beckham & Thandie Newton, who she felt were much more successful and talented than her- even back then.

After deciding performing arts was not for her, Lucy went on to become a producer/director. She worked in TV and Event production for music shows, reality TV and the UK’s “Strictly Come Dancing” the equivalent to Dancing with the Stars in the US, just to name a few.

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scream pretty
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Scream Pretty Ear Cuffs, Earrings and necklaces in so many styles!

In 2010, Lucy decided she couldn’t keep up with the insane hours required to be a successful TV Director. She also wanted to build a career on her own terms, that would work for her and her growing family. So, she launched Lily Charmed, a charm jewelry brand with an emphasis on storytelling through jewelry. The brand grew, with Lucy and Jessica designing each piece. However, they often found the jewelry they were inclined to design did not fit within the Lily Charmed story- it was more trend led and fashion-focused.

At the time, Lucy had been writing a blog called “Scream Pretty” about other accessories designers that she admired. They decided to pivot the blog and create a second Jewelry brand to house their bolder jewelry designs. And just like that- Scream Pretty was born!

scream pretty
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Scream Pretty Astrological sign Virgo Zodiac necklace

They started slowly and grew organically, but now Scream Pretty is speeding forward. It’s been a lot of hard work for both Lucy and Jessica, juggling family and work life. They’ve learned that working with people you enjoy spending time with, is the key to a happy successful business. 

They’re immensely proud of their staff, who work like a family and support each other daily. There’s no person at Scream Pretty who is too important to help someone else out which is quite a lovely work environment for everyone. The company recently won “Emerging Jewelry Brand of the Year 2020” by Retail Jeweller Magazine. A much needed validation after a very difficult year in lockdown, due to COVID.

After visiting a Bolivian silver mine many years ago (before she launched either jewelry brand) Lucy saw first hand how dangerous and unhealthy it was for the workers, along with its massive environmental impact.

That’s why from the start they decided to use recycled silver in their jewelry, to lessen the impact on people and the environment. Oddly enough recycled silver costs more than new silver, but the brand know’s it’s important to reuse resources like this. They also use FSC certificate boxes and choose all their materials with a sustainable focus where they can.

Scream Pretty
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The new Turquoise Collection from Scream Pretty

Lucy, Jessica and the Scream Pretty family wants everyone to express themselves fully with the jewelry they wear. There is no “right” or “wrong” way of wearing it, only your way. They want you to go bold, go dainty, layer it, or strip it back.

More than anything they hope the pretty pieces they create add the perfect finishing touch, to make each person feel SO good when they wear it- they could just scream!

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My favorite Scream Pretty pieces, The Balloon Dog Necklace, The Hannah Martin Love Always Necklace, Fede Ring with Clear Stone
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Fede Scream Pretty Ring
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