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Mi so happi
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Mi So Happi is a fashion and accessory brand nestled in the hills of Silver Lake, California. Inspired by vintage kimono, designed with natural fibers, hand dyed textile and up-cycled fabrics. This masterfully-crafted collection was founded by Sandy Shishido in 2002 and has blossomed into an ever-evolving line of one-of-a-kind, luxury creations that are as unique and special as their maker, and made to last a lifetime.

When Sandy was just 10 year old her mother sent her to a Singer Sewing Class. That very moment was the beginning of her fashion journey. She went from learning to make her own clothes, to getting a fashion degree and moving to Los Angeles to study at the Fashion Institute of Design, all while also working in the apparel industry.

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Founder of Mi So Happi, Sandy Shishido

Sandy worked as a pattern maker and designer of men’s, women’s and boys clothing for thirty years, before finally launching her own Mi So Happi collection. She continues to this day doing custom pattern work for companies like Enfants Riches de Prime , Chinatown Market , Dawn Baker and more.

Initially, she sold her clothing at festivals, fashion shows and other craft shows and events. In the early 2000’s, Mi So Happi hit the world wide web with the help of Sandy’s tech-savvy husband, Franklin Odel and his company Oversight Art. What began as a simple website to present her work, is now a complete on-line store where you can shop her full collection of tops, jackets/coats & accessories.

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The Mi So Happi Maui breeze gauze peasant top

Sandy’s extensive work in the garment industry and two years of tailoring classes gave her the necessary background and knowledge to pursue her dream of having her own line. She took dyeing & Batik classes with a Japanese master for over a year, which gave her new perspectives on “up-cycling”. Now, she integrates vintage Kimono, Thrift Store finds, and her personal draping methods to achieve her Mi So Happi products.

Making Mi So Happi a success, while also taking on custom or freelance projects, has been quite the adventure for Sandy. Things got even more interesting when she designed and manufactured face masks in response to COVID. Sandy listed them on her Etsy store www.misohappi.etsy.com, and was suddenly overwhelmed with 1000’s of orders that literally took her by surprise.

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Mi So Happi supports other small businesses by purchasing fabrics, pattern paper, and machinery locally in Los Angeles. They pay fair wages to all sewing shops, cutters and grading services they work with too. Mi So Happi fabrics remnants are also recycled into quilts, patchwork items or gifted to Sandy’s friends, so nothing goes to waste.

Sandy is most proud that she’s been able to continue her collection of clothing with many returning customers who appreciate her impeccable quality and styling. Mi So Happi is worn by homemakers and professional women across all generations, by those who seek style, quality and comfort.

Ultimately Sandy hopes to honor her culture with the modern use of traditional fabrics, Kimono and Obi. She hopes to see longevity in her textiles, by creating comfortable clothes people can keep, wear, and cherish for years to come.

Shop the full Mi So Happi collection on Misohappi.com

shop the Mi So Happy Etsy Store

and be sure to follow Sandy on Instagram @MisoHappiFashion

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mi so happi
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mi so happi
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