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Gleem Beauty
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Gleem Beauty is a new line of clean skincare with the power of organic Aloe Vera at its foundation. They currently sell two products, popularly known as the “Dynamic Duo”, including the RxFoliant Leave-On Mask and the Soft Immersion Moisturizer. This tag team power house packs a punch you WANT to your face, trust me.

Gleem Beauty is made for every gender and all skin types from ages 18 to 80. It’s formulated with a base of organic, clinical-grade aloe vera, free of parabens, sulfates and gluten. Everything Gleem carries is cruelty-free, vegan, non-toxic, non-comedogenic, and dermatologically tested. Additionally, all ingredients are synthesized, blended, and jarred in small batches right here in the USA for precise peak freshness.

Marlene Wallach is the founder of Gleem Beauty
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Marlene Wallach, the founder of Gleem Beauty.

Marlene Wallach is the founder of Gleem Beauty. She was also the founder and CEO of Wilhelmina Creative Management and Wilhelmina Models Kids and Teens. So, beauty and fashion have always played an important part in her life. In her 17 years at Wilhelmina, one of the constant battles was skin issues with her models.

Despite a huge number of options in an overcrowded market of productsnothing seemed to address the issues in a consistent and efficient manner. Marlene saw a need for skincare that not only took care of the immediate problem, but went to the next level and gave people their Gleem back. She decided it was something she needed to make happen and Gleem Beauty came to life.

Gleem Beauty
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The Dynamic Duo: Gleem RxFoliant and Soft Immersion Moisturizer

Starting with a fresh, clean face, first you apply small dots of The RxFoliant Leave-On Mask. This is a facial exfoliator that has a pH similar to what would be found in a professional chemical peel. Organic clinical-grade Aloe Vera and Vitamin visible C beads are the foundation that supports the Glycolic Acid (AHA), along with other antioxidants including Vitamins A, D, E, and Green tea. Set a timer for 10 minutes and let nature do the work- a small tingling sensation is normal.

After the 10 minutes is up, DON’T rinse. Apply small dots of the Soft Immersion Moisturizer. This instantly hydrates and softens with organic clinical-grade Aloe Vera, locking in moisture, nourishing and preserving a healthy skin barrier. This keeps the skin feeling comfortable and looking smooth, providing the ultimate hydration for your skincare routine.

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Gleem RxFoliant

When used in combination regularly, the adaptive ingredients in the Dynamic Duo can deliver intense hydration for anti-aging, increase collagen and elastin production. Can help reduce acne and scars, shrink pores, reduces dark spots/hyperpigmentation, even out skin texture and tone and protect the skin barrier.

The journey of launching Gleem in the middle of pandemic was filled with its own unique obstacles and more than enough people to tell Marlene “No” time and time again. She simply refused to take those “no”s for an answer. In fact Marlene says..

“The keys to being a successful founder is to be totally focused and singularly dedicated to the task at hand, to be unflinchingly optimistic and to be prepared to be a crisis manager. In any startup there will be moments when crises will threaten to โ€œsink the ship.โ€

The difference between success and failure is the successful management of those crisis moments.”

Ultimately Marlene strives for Gleem Beauty to be an adaptive skincare line that meets the needs of a wide range of women and men regardless of their age or ethnicity. She knows that skincare is not just about getting rid of pimples and wrinkles. At Gleem Beauty, they believe whether you are strutting down the runway or walking down the street, feeling the Gleem is what life is all about.  After all, that’s the philosophy that has brought Gleem Beauty to be.

Shop the website at and

be sure to follow them on Instagram @gleem_beauty

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A “story” of how to apply Gleem Beauty
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  1. Erin – I love you!! We have an exciting collab coming up Friday November 5 with Armani Beauty at Bloomingdales 59th Street. Weโ€™d love to feature you in anyway we can. I now have in-house PR and would be happy to put you in contact with them. Let me know at

    1. Thank you for the invite Marlene!
      I hope the event went well!


  2. Can you wear the night moisturizer during the day? I love how it makes my skin feel.

    1. Hey Karen!
      Thank you so much for your question. I’m sure you can wear the night cream during the day!
      You can also check with Gleem, maybe send them a dm on instagram or contact them via their website.

      Have a beautiful day!

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