WHAT IS POSHMARK?//Why I love it

what is poshmark
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What is Poshmark? Well, by definition it’s an online “social marketplace” filled with new and second-hand fashion, home decor, beauty products and so much more. You can find or make friends, shop their “closets”, attend themed shopping parties and ultimately save a ton of money on amazing pre-loved, vintage, and brand new stuff.

Posting to the app is really simple and completely free, so there are constantly new treasures to be found. I’ve been on Poshmark for several years, buying and selling the things that no longer “spark joy” in my life but certainly have for many others (and vice versa).

what is poshmark
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Here’s what a closet on Poshmark looks like!
How does Poshmark Work?

When selling on poshmark you create the sale post, set the price, hold special sales, give bundle deals and even negotiate with buyers. Poshmark takes a percentage of every sale and does require a shipping fee that you can offer to split with or can leave up to the buyer to cover.

The shipping label is taken care of for you, simply print off, pack your sale nicely in a (free) flat rate USPS box and schedule a pick up from your porch or drop off at the Post Office ASAP. As a buyer you experience the flip side of this process, shop for your favorite fashion and beauty brands, “like” items to keep an eye on and be in the loop for discounts and score major deals like magic. Plus you’re giving items another chance at life, hooray!

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This dress was originally $278, now only $180 (or less if you make the right offer!)
3 Reasons to Love Poshmark

Less Waste. A lot of brand new, never worn, clothing ends up wasted in a landfill- even at the hands of consumers. By shopping second hand places, like Poshmark, you’re making a statement. You’re telling fast fashion to slow down, way down. Especially when you buy things that are gently used, vintage and pre-loved, from real people instead of them. In fact, second hand clothing sales are expected to more than DOUBLE in the next 5 years. How cool is that!

Less Money. Normally a low price or good deal is a red flag when it comes to shopping for brand new styles at the store or online. Luckily, Poshmark was made for less-guiltly bargains. Even if the tags are on, you’ll likely never pay full price for anything.

Unique and Original. You will often find really cool, one-of-a-kind styles to add to your wardrobe so you don’t show up to a party in the same dress as two other girls. (I’ve literally seen this happen.)

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Poshmark is a great place to find unique gifts too. This $95 necklace now for $60.
3 Final Thoughts

First, as a buyer, do your diligence. Make sure you see pictures of the actual item for sale in the listing- not just ones from the brands website. Second, for all beauty goods, look for pics of originally sealed products and ask about expiration dates if not made clear. And Finally, as a seller, be prompt and tidy with your shipping and NEVER mislead anyone about the quality or condition of your goods, buyers leave reviews and future sales often depend on them!

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Style a Summer Dress for fall in an INSTANT with Gold Jewelry and A black Hat, Jacket + Boots. I got this $88 dress BRAND NEW on Poshmark for $35!

What are your favorite Thrift Stores and Thrift Apps to do secondhand shopping? Let me know in the comments! If you like fashion, you might love these other Fashion Features.

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