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Big Trees Trail
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Three Rivers, California is perfectly nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, at the edge of the San Joaquin Valley- just before the entrance to Sequoia National Park.

Above this quaint mountain village, in the Forest of Giants, you’ll find “General Sherman” the largest known, living, single-stem tree on Earth. It’s 275 ft. tall, over 36 ft. in diameter and is estimated to be around 2,300 – 2,700 years old.

It’s hard to put into words what it’s like – seeing trees so unfathomably large, thriving in nature, outliving us all. This was an epic adventure I will truly never forget. The pictures honestly don’t do it justice. All I can say is, you MUST see this magical place for yourself.

We had an incredible weekend dining and lodging in Three Rivers, California and exploring the wonders above in Sequoia National Park. Camping spots at the park and lodging in Three Rivers are in high demand, so plan as far ahead as you can…

Here is how we spent our two, adventure packed days in nature and in town.

DAY ONE: Sequoia National Park

(8:00 AM) Wake up early – Pack food and water. Wear (and bring) sunscreen, lace up your hiking boots and throw on a hat. The park gates open at 9:00 AM and it takes about an hour to drive up to the the trails from the park entrance.

(10:00 AM) General Sherman – Meet the worlds largest tree, mentioned above. Park in the designated lot and take the shuttle down and back, or get a great workout on the trek to and from the tree.

Tokopah Falls
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The last stretch of the Tokopah Falls hike

(11:00 AM) Hike Tokopah Falls – A fairly easy and popular trail features a series of beautiful, steep, cascading water falls at the top. This 4.2-mile round trip is suitable for almost everyone. It’s not paved and there are steps little legs cannot do. Skip to Big Trees Trail if you have kids under 5 years old.

Big Trees Trail
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Big Trees Trail in Sequoia National Park

(1:00 PM) Big Trees Trail – This 1.5 mile trail loop is quite literally a walk in the park. Paved the whole way around, with no incline and more photo opportunities than you’ll know what to do with! There are lots of benches to sit and relax on, educational plaques to learn from and we even spotted a baby black bear in broad daylight, having a snack, in the meadow. Speaking of snack…

(2:00 PM) Eat Lunch – Pack up a cooler with food and drinks. Keep it safely locked away in the trunk of your car (or in the bear boxes provided at trail heads) while you explore. “Tailgating” in the parking areas is the safest way to eat in the park. Do not carry food with you on trails – this is bear country, there are many warning signs posted! Stay Safe!

Moro Rock in Sequoia National Park
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A view of Moro Rock from the road below

(3:00 PM) Moro Rock Trail – Climb a rock-cut stairway to what feels like heaven. Wind around and up the face of this giant, isolated, dome-shaped, granite rock formation, one stair-step at a time, to the breathtaking panoramic view at the top.

I have no idea HOW they made this trail possible but it was such a crazy and memorable climb. Do not let your fear of heights keep you from this one, it’s SO worth it.

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(4:00PM) Crescent Meadow Loop – This is a flat, easy trail, great for all ages. However, its only partially paved. Don’t miss Hale Tharp’s Log cabin, (built in the mid 1800’s inside a giant hollowed Sequoia log) and the famous Chimney Tree on this trail. Keep an eye out for bears, deer, marmot and other wildlife on this trail in particular.

DAY TWO: Three Rivers, California

(10:00AM) Sleep In – Then grab a Lavender Almond Milk Latte on ice at Sequoia Coffee Co. Read a book, or just relax on the patio next to the river. P.S. this is morning spot only, no afternoon pick me-ups here.

Three Rivers California
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(12:00 PM) Get Lunch – At the best sandwich place I’ve been to in YEARS. Sierra Subs and Salads. Fresh, made to order, with vegetarian and vegan options. This place is next door to Sequoia Coffee Co. and has a massive outdoor patio in back overlooking the river too.

Three Rivers California
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(3:00 PM) Visit Reimer’s Candy and Gifts – Enter these magical red gingerbread houses, filled with fresh made, gourmet candy, confections and ice cream creations. This legendary treat shop and mini factory has been in Three Rivers, California for over 50 years. Don’t pass up this sweet slice of candy heaven.

Three Rivers California
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Reimer’s Candy and Gifts, legendary candy and ice cream makers

(6:00 PM) Dinner on the River – at The Ol Buckeroo. Sit down at a chic spot (and venue option) near the river and enjoy clean, local Americana food. This restaurant is only open for dinner and sometimes closes for events. Be sure to check their website before you go!

(8:00PM) Sunset Horse Back Riding – There are a couple of places in Three Rivers California to hop on a horse and have a ride around. This is a fun experience no matter what your riding level is. Explore on horseback trailrides with Riata Ranch or Wood N’ Horse

Three Rivers California
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I’m actually very allergic to horses so this was a special moment, right before my reaction happened.

Three Rivers California and the wonders of Sequoia National Park are forever in my heart and memories. We had a hard time packing up our bags and driving away after our two day escape. From the quaint and quiet little town, to the top of Moro Rock and the biggest tree’s on earth, this was a trip for the books to say the least.

Check out my instagram REEL to see awesome video footage and definitely GO see this place for yourself, you won’t regret it.

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you’ll LOVE Toad Haven Cottage in Crestline, California

Until next time…



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The Sequoias Trees thrive in fire, you can find these happily charred trees on the Crescent Meadow Loop
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