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Thrive Natural Care makes regenerative, effective, plant-based skincare for every body and they do it in a way that improves the planet, communities and people’s skin. 

Alex McIntosh started Thrive Natural Care in 2012, with an amazing team of ethnobotanists, skincare experts, entrepreneurs and rural farmers in Costa Rica and the USA. Before starting Thrive, Alex helped lead inspiring programs in the environmental (Nature Conservancy) world and in the business world (Nestle).

In this time, he learned that Sustainability and “do no harm” just wasn’t enough, for the world or for him. He saw so many communities and places degraded and unhealthy. Eventually he became obsessed with going beyond “do no harm” and instead aiming for “leave things better.”

This led him to the concept of an intentionally regenerative business model.  With his experiences as both an environmentalist and businessman, Alex decided to build a company that would make great skincare products by using a business model that would inspire other businesses to aim higher too. 

thrive care
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Thrive Natural Care SPF 30 Daily Defense Sunscreen Balm is formulated for your face and neck

Alex is an active person with sensitive skin. When he went looking for natural skin and body care he felt that while there were good natural products, most didn’t work as well as the synthetic ones. Or the natural products that did work well, were really expensive.

He wanted to create a line of products that were super healthy, performed well, and that normal people could afford. He also really believed the industry needed to make a shift to brands and products that were actually changing the world. Thrive Natural Care knows a Regenerative system is the future of business and skincare. 

thrive care
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Thrive Natural Care SPF 50 Bodyshield Mineral Sunscreen

Thrives entire Regenerative process is really unusual. The first step involves identifing places that are eroded and degraded in Costa Rica. Then planting native plants in that specific area.

The super plants they select for their products are special for two reasons: first, they are great for the skin and better than their synthetic equivalents; and secondly the plants themselves (and the way they’re grown) plays a very important role in the health of the soil, biodiversity, and the lives of the farmers they employ.

Regenerative Farming actually makes Thrive Natural Care’s products more effective, while also having a positive footprint on the land. No other skincare company in the world has these super plant ingredients in their products.

Thrive Natural Care is making a difference in the lives of hard working farmers. Rural farmers (especially the women) are often overlooked or at the margins, leaving them with few options to care for their crops, other than synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

thrive care
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Thrive Natural Care SPF Sunscreen, Face Wash, Scrub and SPF Face Balm

Thrive Natural Care is wildly passionate about helping millions of customers around the world switch from unhealthy, synthetic conventional products to clean, healthy products. They carry Reef Safe, Vegan, Non Nano, Non GMO: SPF 50 Bodyshield, SPF 30 Daily Defense Sunscreen Balm, Face Wash and Energy Scrub.

Thrive Natural Care is now moving their entire line into plant-based packaging and 100% recycled content packaging that has been upcycled. For Alex, that’s still not enough. They’re aiming for a positive footprint with their packaging in the future, so stay tuned.

Thrive is most proud to be building an operating model that inspires other businesses- in beauty, agriculture, timber, fisheries, and so much more— to aim higher, toward a regenerative impact in the future.

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thrive care
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