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Olori partners with women-owned businesses and local artisans in Africa to make handbags and accessories. Every product sold pays tuition for girls in under-served African communities.

A shocking 17 million young girls across Africa do not have access to education. From the tuition fee’s, social conflict, child-marriage, child-labor and lower social status, a variety of heartbreaking reaons prevent these girls from ever reaching their full educational and life potential.

Olori Founder Tomide Awe
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Founder of Olori, Tomide Awe

Tomide Awe (pronounced “toh-mee-day ah-weh”) grew up in Nigeria, a place where girls have a 73% chance of never attending school. Although she was extremely fortunate to have parents that could afford her education- the disparity did not escape her.

As a result, Tomide dedicated her life to finding a way to make sure that every girl would some day have the same opportunities she did.

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Olori bestseller The Tola Maiden Shoulder Bag in Brown

While finishing her Masters in Business, Tomide was inspired to use the beauty and cultural richness of her African home as a way to help provide an education to girls around the world. After many months of planning, traveling, and prototyping the product, Olori was born.

Olori handbags are made to make women feel strong, confident and secure. They work with artisans and women-owned, local businesses to help preserve unique craftsmanship and regain influence in a woman-driven industry.

Every product sold provides tuition fees for an underprivileged girl. Olori continues to sponsor girls in the program until they graduate high school, through their partnership with Bridge International Academies.

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Olori Adunni Belt Bag in Pink (belt not pictured)

Olori brings function and elegance together with their timeless, classic shoulder bags. Their commitment to quality starts with sourcing their materials, remains through the production process and ends with awarding scholarships to young girls in developing areas of the world.

In the Yorban language Olori means “Queen”. The brand is proud to provide empowered women like you and I an opportunity to support girls through each purchase, because real queens fix each others’ crowns.

Olori believes every girl is born with an invisible crown and should be treated accordingly. Millions of girls around the world will never enter a classroom, but educating a girl creates a lasting impact on the world’s economics, demographics, and health. Together we can bring awareness and create amazing opportunities for the women of the future across the world.

See all the styles and read even more at BeOlori.com 
Be sure to follow them on Instagram too @BeOlori

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