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Dana Henning Jewellery
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Dana Henning Jewellery is a Toronto based, female silversmith who divides her time between her art, jewelry making and travel. Dana has always been artistically talented. She was encouraged by her conservative parents to take fine art lessons as a child but ONLY as a hobby.

She excelled academically too and studied finance at the University of Toronto, ultimately just to please her parents. In the meantime she painted T-Shirts and made jewelry to sell.

At first it was just to raise money for the student union and later to pay for her school tuition. She went on to complete her MBA only to decide she enjoyed the creative aspect of jewelry making far more than corporate climbing.ย 

Eventually, Dana worked full-time designing and wholesaling jewelry across Canada, USA and parts of Japan and Australia.ย  Her company grew to have over 20 employees with a demanding travel schedule for her.

Behind the scenes of DANA HENNING JEWELLERY photoshoot
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Behind the scenes of a DANA HENNING JEWELLERY photoshoot- Dana Henning (standing in the middle) with models and crew after photoshoot wrap

After traveling the world Dana saw the pollution and devastation caused by our neglected responsibility to reduce our carbon and waste footprint. Dana Henning Jewelry is entirely handmade in Canada and only crafted when ordered to avoid any excess waste. She also has a collection of all recycled/refurbished silver jewelry that I am madly in love with!

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DANA HENNING JEWELLERY Handcrafed Recycled Silver Ring

Dana’s designs are reflective of her everyday life;ย  from social challenges, family discussions and her own thoughts. Topics like war, peace, poverty, freedom, love and respect are laid on the table.

These discussions resulted in her collection of Symbols of Ancient Cultures. Featuring the Egyptian, Maori, Celtic and Native North American cultures and their symbols for peace, love, friendship, abundance, strength, determination and renewal.

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DANA HENNING JEWELLERY Recycled silver necklace

There has been and always will be a strong element of philanthropy at Dana Henning Jewelry. Donating tens of thousands of dollars to charities over the years that focus on helping women in need. From shelters to retraining programs that help get battered women back on their feet.

Ultimately, she wants her small company, composed of ALL women, to enrich the lives it touches and to help make the world a better place. They are highly committed to giving back to the community and humanity at large.  It is the core of the company and that’s what Dana is most proud of.

You can see even more from Dana atย DanaHenningJewellery.com
and on instagram at @DanaHenningJewellery

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Until Next Time…

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A model prepares as Dana snaps some behind the
scenes photo’s

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Wearing the Avocado Threader Earring & Framed Humming Bird sterling Silver Necklace

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DANA HENNING JEWELLERY Recycled Silver Ear lobe brace
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Refurbished- Collection of Recycled sterling silver designed and cast in Toronto by DANA HENNING JEWELLERY

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