SAGJOL DENIM // Sustainable Classics Made in LA

SAGJOL Denim Sustainable Classic
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SAGJOL Denim focuses on sustainable classics and often uses fabrics made from recycled materials. The idea to promote unity, acceptance and love for ourselves and everyone around the world came to SAGJOL Founder, Sarah Marchand first through a painting she created and called “See from your heart”.

That painting then inspired a more simplified logo that would become the icon of her premium, American-Made, clothing line. SAGJOL, pronounced “Sa’jol” is an acronym that stands for “Sewing Acceptance Globally, Justifying Our Love” and that’s exactly what Sarah hopes to do through her clothing.

SAGJOL DENIM Sustainable Classic Made in LA
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Sarah was raised in the UK and moved to America when she was just 20 years old.  Her upbringing left her feeling uncomfortable in her own skin, she thought of herself as tall, boring, thin and plain. Until one day she was scouted by a modeling agent at the age of 17 and with the encouragement of her friends she started a runway career.

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Founder of SAGJOL, Sarah

Without money for traditional college or any formal training, she decided to jump into the fashion industry. Sarah was a reluctant and nervous model who eventually became a fashion designer inspired by the message of universal love and acceptance.

SAGJOL DENIM Sustainable Classics Made in LA
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SAGJOL clothing has a classic upscale vibe with a very unique and unexpected twist. Every piece features the signature “See from your Heart’ logo differently- in the jacket lining, on the face of the buttons and even embroiderey in some cases.

SAGJOL jeans are made with recycled ketchup bottles. Yes, you read that correctly. The fabric is produced by collecting used plastic ketchup bottles that are then broken down into tiny pellets. The pellets are spun into a fine thread that gets wrapped in cotton and woven into denim fabric.

This magical recycled, earth-friendly fabric is prepared and milled in North Carolina using “spun by the sun” technology. The fabric is then shipped across the country to California and the clothing is constructed right here in L.A.

SAGJOL DENIM Sustainable Classics Made in LA
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Special details subtley decorate the SAGJOL Denim jacket- a timeless staple piece for every wardrobe

In addition to this unique denim fabric, SAGJOL only produces small runs of each style which allows them to purchase locally and more sustainably. It also means that you, the customer are getting a truly limited edition garment. SAGJOL donates a portion of their profits to Human and Animal Rights organizations too.

When asked what makes SAGJOL different from other brand Sarah replies “At the end of the day, we all cover ourselves in fabric, it’s the details that a designer brings that sets each brand apart, but with SAGJOL it’s not just about the designs and details, it’s also about the soul.”

Check out all the SAGJOL Sustainable Classic Denim, Jackets and more at

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SAGJOL DENIM Sustainable Classics Made in LA
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I love the wide variety of sustainable denim styles from SAGJOL

Check out these fun behind the scenes videos, taken at SAGJOL Look book shoots

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