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Half United
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Half United is a sibling founded clothing and accesory brand based in Wilmington, North Carolina. They are fighting against child hunger around the world with Fashion. When asked how and where it all started, brother and sister Christian and Carmin Black both agree, it all began at the heart of their home.

With an entrepreneurial mother who designed merchandising for major fashion brands, while also owning a few restaurants and a father who ministered in churches internationally, fashion and philanthropy collided, thrived and inspired the siblings throughout their lives.

Half United fashion that feeds
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Half United Best selling Stone

In 2009 after an internship with TOMS shoes, a bag full of bullet casings and a $200 startup investment, Carmin walked away from a bright future in journalism to create this company with her brother Christian, just after he graduated high school.

The name Half United came from a few different aspects of the company. The support of your purchase is you doing your HALF by UNITING together to make a positive difference. It also comes from the two halves of siblings upbringing, half fashion and half passion for helping people- united into one brand.

Half United fashion that feeds
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Half United Large Haitian-Made Circle Bag made with Genuine Leather in Black

Every product sold provides 7 meals to a child. To date the brand has provided over 600,000 meals to kids in need. Every three months, half of the profits made from sales are divided and donated to charity partners in the USA, Cambodia, Fiji and Haiti.

The metal goods they sell are manufactured right here in LA and are assembled in North Carolina. All the clothing that has screen printing is done locally there too. In an effort to empower the Haitian people, Half United also employs local artisan’s in Haiti who help to make the beaded styles they sell.

Half United
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The Half United Lejan Gold Necklace

I am so happy that brands like Half United exist and thrive. They have been featured in Nordstrom, Target, and Good Morning America- just to name a few. They truly have an admirable sense of style and social consciousness and style we could all take note from.

Fight the Good Fight and shop the whole collection at HalfUnited.com
and be sure to follow them on Instagram @HalfUnited

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Check out the video below to get the full story straight from Carmin and Christian

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Half United Jewelry Collection
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Bracelet, ring and handbag
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Large Haitian-Made Circle Bag made with Genuine Leather in Black

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