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PAPR is sustainable deodorant made only with natural, safe and clean ingredients in biodegradable paper packaging.

PAPR Cosmetics is a sassy, no non-sense, unisex deodorant brand based in Los Angeles, California. The best thing about this spunky line of easy-to-use, push-pop deodorant is that it actually works! With a collection of five diverse and nature inspired scents made from essential oils and natural fragrances there is something for everyone with armpits- even those with sensitive skin.

All of PAPR Cosmetics Deodorant sticks are made with natural, clean ingredients and are 100% safe. PAPR deodorant contains zero aluminum and is free from artificial fragrances, parabens, silicones, talc and any animal based products like probiotics or beeswax.

They never test their formulas on animals, instead only on fellow human volunteers and their friends. PAPR Cosmetics is certified Vegan and Cruelty Free by PETA.

PAPR Cosmetics So Hot Right Now Deodorant smells of Rich powdery Musks, subtle Ylang Ylang, with a slight hint of Sandalwood & Patchouli.
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PAPR Cosmetics So Hot Right Now Deodorant smells of Rich powdery Musks, subtle Ylang Ylang, with a slight hint of Sandalwood & Patchouli. I love the scent on myself and it would be delish on any body, seriously.

My second favorite thing about PAPR Cosmetics is all that of their products are certified climate neutral and produced using solar power. Thier company as a whole is also certified carbon neutral and everything is made in the USA. PAPR’s packaging is completely plastic free and made of 99.98% FSC certified paper and a very thin Cornstarch PLA coating.

They print with soy based inks and the the whole tube is recyclable and biodegradable. All shipping materials are recycled paper eco-mailers (no plastic or fancy boxes) and do not include filling materials or marketing inserts to get it to the customer door. No frills, just good deodorant to your door.

They also have a subscription program that you can modify or cancel at any time, to keep yourself smelling naturally fresh and save money, without thinking twice.

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Sustainability is Sexy. Feeling fresh and cheeky with my So Hot Right Now PAPR Cosmetics vegan Deodorant. Whats your scent?

To apply PAPR deodorant you simply slide off the paper top, push up on the bottom of the tube and swipe no more than three times under each arm. A little goes a long way and less is more when is comes to this high quality product. Make sure your skin is clean before you start and if you get too much just rub it into your skin until absorbed.

PAPR Cosmetics mission is to create conscious beauty products that are as good as they can be for you and with as little impact on the planet as possible. Their message and solution is in their name- with our oceans and our earth filling up with micro plastics and mountains of toxic trash that will never degrade. Paper is a product that by nature is light, versatile, functional and more importantly, fully recyclable. It also happens to make great packaging for deodorant.

PAPR Cosmetics also promises for every new subscription they will plant a tree in your name through . They simply aim to sustain and believe it’s the only way to move forward, looking after mother Earth and the smelly humans that inhabit her.  

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P.S. This article contains affiliate links, this means if you make a purchase I may get a small percentage of the sale (at no extra cost to you). As always, I only recommend products that I have tried and truly love.

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Plastic free, All Natural, Unisex, Vegan PAPR Cosmetics Deodorant
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Plastic Free, no Frills packaging from PAPR Cosmetics
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