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plant based cleaning products
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L’AVANT Collective has set a new standard for gentle, plant based cleaning products. In fact, they might just be in an entirely new category all on their own. By making more effective cleaning solutions that smell incredible and more inspired and artful, re-useable and refillable cleaning vessels they have created the highest performing, eco-luxe home products out there and I’m utterly here for it! 

The founders of L’AVANT Collective Kristi and Lindsay, met 10 years ago at a wedding. They happened to be the only two pregnant people in a sea of sauced party goers and sparked an instant friendship that has since flourished over the years.

Their inspiration to create L’AVANT Collective started with wanting safer products for thier children and homes. Throughout many of their wine filled nights, feeding kids and changing diapers Kristi and Lindsay would spit-ball ideas back and fourth. Lindsay states,

“We wanted passion behind the idea we brought out to the world and given where we were in life at the time, the passion centered around our children. We were constantly cleaning up and needed our products to be safe and effective. We were unsatisfied in the performance of the plant-based cleaners at the time and hated how ugly the packaging was.”

They both knew plant based cleaning products could work better and wanted to make a product line that would actually compliment the style of more contemporary homes. Thats when the idea for L’AVANT Collective was born.

Plant Based Cleaning Products
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The Founders of L’AVANT Collective Kristi and Lindsay

What sets L’AVANT Collective products apart from others are its special chemical makeup of things like, fatty acids and surfactants.  Their formulas find the right pH balance to achieve maximum performance. The old saying of “you get what you pay for” is especially true for cleaning products.

A cleaner with low grade materials, lower pH levels and lower surfactant grade means a low-grade product for a lower price. On the other hand, a cleaner with high-end ingredients that is filled with natural elements, sourced sustainably and combined with newer technology result in a product that can (and does) beat the performance of any chemically harsh cleaning product – and that’s truly what makes L’AVANT Collective’s products so different. 

Plant Based Cleaning Products
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L’AVANT Collective offers trial bundles so you can see what all the hype is about

Lastly, their light, fresh, crisp, signature fragrance (which is an ingredient that most companies skimp on because natural fragrance is ex-pen-sive.) “Fresh Linen” was made with a leading natural fragrance house and is 100% natural. It doesn’t linger in the air for too long (although, I almost wish it would).  

I found myself so in love with this heavenly scent every time I washed my hands, I ended up pouring some of the hand soap into my bath one evening and enjoyed the fresh linen scented bubbles and eco-luxury a little longer. Call me crazy if you want, until you try this amazing line for yourself and end up doing the same thing.

Plant Based Cleaning Products
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Taking a bubble bath with my L’AVANT Collection Plant Based Hand Soap. Clean me, clean tub!

L’AVANT Collective also creates earth friendly, non-toxic formulas that are Leaping Bunny certified. They created refillable glass bottles for their hand soap and dish soap that are actually beautiful enough to display and want to keep forever.

Their incredible Multipurpose Cleaner bottle is made from recycled plastic, can be purchased once and then refilled with their Multipurpose Concentrates. L’AVANT is on a continuum to provide more sustainable packaging alternatives as they grow and learn of better alternatives.

Kristi and Lindsay don’t take themselves too seriously. They know they are not perfect, but strive to do better for their homes, families and our planet one choice at a time.

By developing plant based, refillable cleaning products, they want to make it easier for consumers to mitigate waste and harmful chemicals from their homes and our planet. For L’AVANT Collective Making the earth-friendly alternatives an easy, convenient choice is the ultimate goal.

Shop all things dish soap, hand soap, multipurpose spray, and on-the-go cleaning wipes at Lavantcollective.com (Don’t worry, if you mist yourself in the multipurpose spray- I promise I won’t judge you.)

and be sure to follow them on instagram @LAVANTCollective

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Until next time…

Plant Based Cleaning Products
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L’AVANT Collective Plant based Hand Soap smells incredible, is so luxuriously bubbly and doesn’t leave your hands dry afterward.

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