THE BEST CBD BRANDS // Keep Calm & Carry On

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Here are the Best CBD Brands I’ve tried so far. It goes without saying, right now is an incredibly stressful time no matter who or where you are. As you may know, I am a huge advocate for the use of CBD oil.

I believe in its soothing effects for almost every issue, every person and even for your pets. It’s really important to take this time to take care of yourself and managing stress and anxiety is a large part of that.

Below are some of my favorite brands that present fun, new and unique ways of incorporating CBD into your everyday life, or at least the days you feel like you could use it.

P.S. This article contains affiliate links, this means if you make a purchase I may get a small percentage of the sale (at no extra cost to you). As always, I only recommend products that I have tried and truly love.

best CBD brands
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Zion Medicinals Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil & Zion Medicinals Cool & Warm Hemp Healing Salve Stick


Zion Medicinals performs an alchemy-based spagyric extraction process for maximum bioavailability and potency. I use their 1500mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil tincture when I need something strong. It has a very natural, hemp flavor, best for adults who appreciate or don’t mind the flavor for its beneficial effects.

They also just released a Cool and Warm Hemp Healing Salve Stick in 500mg. That’s the highest concentration for a topical I’ve ever seen! I use this little guy anywhere I’m feeling stiff, sore or in pain. It has a unique, light, natural scent and a slight greenish tint so be careful for color transfer onto clothing etc.

You can read more about Zion here

Use code: ZION10 for 10% off at

best CBD brands
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Winged CBD Relaxation Gummies, made just for women


Winged is the first full spectrum, organically grown, hemp CBD brand exclusively formulated for women to help with mood, restful sleep and stress. Founded by a female, this line carries all things a lady truly wants.

With CBD sheet masks, CBD gummies for sleep and relaxation, facial and body oil, flavored tinctures and supplements made with ingredients especially for women: evening primrose, chamomile, L-theanine and lemon balm. I’m seriously in love with their gummies, they taste amazing and I feel their effects so quickly.

You can read more about Winged here

TAKE 20% off with my code: Erinmiller20

best CBD brands
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Cured Nutrition Zen Nighttime Calming and Rise Daytime Nootropic supplements with mushroom and CBD oil


Cured is a Colorado based CBD brand offering a better existence for everybody. They carry tinctures, gel caps, unique sweet and savory CBD infused seasonings for cooking and baking, and even CBD pet treats and tinctures. They truly have something for everyone in every ingestible form.

They recently launched two really interesting supplements Rise and Zen. By incorporating the power of  mushrooms and CBD into daily and nightly routines, they’ve really created a game-changing product. I felt the amazing benefits of both immensely. A restful sleep and a calm yet, focused daytime experience.

Use code: ERIN for 10% off at 

best CBD brands
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Dazey CBD oil Tincture and Dazey CBD passionfruit hair mask conditioner


Dazey CBD is organically grown outdoors in Oregon. Their hemp is harvested, extracted and bottled on-site. Their tinctures have a very subtle, hemp flavor, suitable for anyone. Not only do they sell oral tinctures, they are just as much a beauty brand as they are CBD company.

From body scrubs, bath soaks, conditioning hair masks, face oils, creams and more, this is the perfect CBD brand for the self-care lovers out there (male and female). This fresh and fun product line will have you covered (and relaxed) from head to toe.

Use code: ErinElizabeth15 at

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Rad CBD 200 mg relief cream and 50 mg relief cream mini

Rad Soap is a family owned business that started as natural soap company and has since flourished into body care, skincare and even CBD oil products too. If you have sensitive skin I HIGHLY recommend you check out everything they have to offer, their soap line is extensive, super creative and down-right impressive.

While they do carry a great line of CBD tinctures, they just released a CBD Relief Cream that smells like fruity pebbles and works like a (lucky) charm, plus they have cute minis, perfect for your purse or gym bag. Check it all out on 

If you try any of my Best CBD brands, let me know- I’d love to hear about your experience.

I’m thinking of you all and sending you, your family and loved ones good vibes.

Until next time…



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