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Nature Creation
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Nature Creation is the leading manufacturer and distributor of 100% natural therapy packs in the United States. Like many small businesses, it all started in the founder’s home almost 20 years ago. Their kitchen turned into a temporary storage room, and their back yard into a mini-factory for mixing herbs and grains and filling heating pads by hand (which at first, were mostly sold at Christmas fairs around the country).

After seeing the results of their efforts and receiving positive feedback from their customers, they rented a small manufacturing space and began producing their heating pads on a larger scale. As the years go by they are constantly trying to improve their products and think of new shapes and designs that may be useful for people – like a heating pad for your back with a strap to conveniently secure to the body while remaining active or on the go. 

nature creation
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THE My Hearting pad multi-purpose hot and cold rice pack has two convenient loops on each end.

All of Nature Creation’s products are made from start to finish in the United States- Canoga Park, California to be exact. While many similar heating pad brands are made in China, the companies who sell them generally have no direct connection or oversight to the manufacturing process and only receive a finished product.

By manufacturing right here in America, Nature Creation has the ability to care for each individual heating pad, paying close attention to detail and quality, providing great jobs to the local economy, cutting emissions with no over-seas shipping and delivering a special, hand-made touch to every product. All to ensure customers are confident, happy, and satisfied with every purchase.

nature creation
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The My HeatingPad adjustable lumbar and abdominal pack has an elastic adjustable band

Nature Creation therapy packs are filled with only natural ingredients like rice, flax seed and herbs. This combination is excellent for retaining heat or cold and when mixed together, has a pleasant, soft, and gentle texture that is flexible and ready to mold to every body part applied.

On some styles, the combination of super soft fleece on one side and cotton on the other side is special because the gentle fleece side hugs your body and is meant to give off moist warmth, while the cotton side provide more intense dry heat. 

Every pack is reusable, simple to use and are a great at-home solution for pain and stress therapy that an active lifestyle can create. Each pack has a special design with multiple channels to evenly distribute the heat or cold therapy and some styles include handles and straps allowing convenient application of the product for all body parts.

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The My heating pad neck and shoulder therapy pack is a perfect fit for everyone.

The team at Nature Creation comes to work everyday not only to pay the bills, but more-so to help make people’s lives better, healthier and happier. The super-positive feedback and testimonies they receive from their customers has built a sense of pride in their products and purpose. They feel privileged to  improve the well-being of others, while expanding the comfort and peacefulness in their lives.

Whether its providing relief for pain, stress, tension, recovering from injuries, aiding getting through a cold winter, or simply enhancing the relaxation and comfort of the people who use their heating pads, they believe it all plays a big role in motivating them to do what they love.

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The my heating square hot and cold pack is great for any pain anywhere

Ultimately, Nature Creation genuinely wants to improve the quality of people’s lives. If someone is suffering or experiencing discomfort and they find real relief when using their product, they have achieved their goal.

Nature Creation believes when the quality of one’s life is good, a positive energy is released around them, which benefits themselves and their surroundings.

They believe that this positive energy has an effect on the greater surrounding, and ultimately, the more people receive this comfort and relief, and the quality of their lives improve, the more the world is filled with this positive energy.  

Check out all the styles, colors and products on 
and be sure to follow them on instagram @NatureCreation_ 

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nature creation
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