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clean beauty NYC
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Teal Botanicals is a clean beauty brand made in NYC. (natural, organic and cruelty free!)

Carmela Lerner grew up in the Philippines. When she was young, her parents would go to the local marketplace to collect ingredients to make hair and skincare products for their family. They used a variety of natural products from grated coconut, bamboo charcoal, mangosteen oil, aloe vera leaves and more.

Fast forward to Carmela’s adult life in New York City, an undoubtedly faster paced lifestyle and drugstore and luxury hair and skincare brands had become the default in her daily routine.

clean beauty NYC
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I am IN LOVE with Teal Botanicals “queen” and best seller Facial Oil. The smell is so fresh and it absorbs so well, perfect for daily use under your summer sunscreen and/or makeup.

Like most of us, Carmela used these drugstore and department store brands for years without much thought, until she spun the bottles around and googled what the heck these brands were actually using in their products. 

The more she researched the long list of ingredients of synthetic chemicals, preservatives, and fragrances the less interested she was interested in continuing to use them. With a background as a health care professional too, Carmela knew for a fact that not only should we be aware of what’s getting into our bodies but also, we should be mindful of what we put ON our bodies.

clean beauty NYC
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Teal Botanicals Shea whipped body butter is insanely restorative, moisturizing and a tiny bit goes a long way.

After completing her studies in a botanical care products certification program, aromatherapy certification, and attendance on facial aesthetic training for medical professionals in New York City, Carmela founded Teal Botanicals.

She wanted to go back to the basic ideas her family had so many years ago, where she could formulate and wear simple, yet effective natural skincare with carefully chosen, hand selected, all natural ingredients. The name Teal came from her personal love for the color and that it’s synonymous to water, relaxation, and serenity.

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Teal Botanicals best selling Facial Oil, Shea whipped body butter and Rose Neroli Face mist, all with 12 natural ingredients or less.

Today, Teal Botanical’s products are made with natural and organic ingredients and packaged almost entirely in glass, reusable, recyclable, environment-friendly, containers. They are proudly cruelty-free and have never tested on animals.

Carmela has created products without petrolatum, formaldehyde, mineral oil, triethanolamine, synthetic fragrance, parabens, sulfates, and other concerning or toxic chemicals. The coconut oil that they use is sourced from a small farm in the Philippines.

All of her clean beauty products are handmade in NYC using a combination of hurdle technology and aseptic/clean technique to lessen the use of natural preservatives. Carmela and Teal Botanicals promise to deliver simple, healthy and effective natural beauty products that are not tested on animals while keeping in mind the future of our planet.

See all of Teals products for summer ready skin at 
and be sure to follow them on Instagram @TealBotanicals

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Teal Botanicals Sea Clay Facial Mask

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