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H. Honeycup
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H Honeycup is a dreamy, indie skincare brand that creates organic, natural, vegan, plant-based and cruelty-free products for clean-living women and happy skin.

It was founded in 2017 by Cindy Barberes, after leaving a successful corporate career behind. Cindy needed a way to decompress and began taking health and wellness courses. It was in her self-care where she found a new “peace” of mind and a relaxed sense of confidence using natural remedies.

She felt inspired to create and share great products, with results she could feel and see for herself. After a lot of thought and consideration she found the company name, a mash-up of Honeysuckles and Buttercups, two flowers Cindy is most fond of.

h. honeycup
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h. honeycup lotion stick, body scrub, and body oil

This playful and delicious line of skin care currently comes in two totally natural scents- a dreamy citrus, Orange Sunflower and an absolutely pleasant floral Palmorosa Pomogranate. Both come in full and “humble” sizes of body scrubs, body oils and a very unique and amazing lotion stick, perfect for on the go and travel (because it’s solid!) Humble Bundle Kits of products are also available if you’re obsessed like me or want to give a great gift to someone.

All of their ingredients are simple, their labels are super clear, and their website has an entire section of every ingredient they use and why. H. Honeycup believes you deserve to know what you’re putting on your skin. Luckily, they make it really easy to treat yourself to products that are simple, fresh, and downright fun.

h. honeycup
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Every purchase at H. Honeycup helps someone overcoming addition too.

H.Honeycup is also committed to reducing their impact on the planet with their choice of non-toxic ingredients, their careful manufacturing process, and the packaging they use. Cindy says she loves working hard every day on the next fun product and the next lovely scent.

She’s happy to promote self-care, encouraging a giving community and a relaxed lifestyle that directly translates to her products. She is continually asking women what they like, what they want, and what they need to feel happy in their skin.

Check out the full H.Honeycup collection and keep an eye out for new scents and skin treats at HHoneycup.com

and be sure to follow them on Instagram at @HHoneycup

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H. Honeycup is a plant-based skincare company that uses only natural and organic ingredients,
designed to make you to feel happy in your own skin.
H.Honeycup Palmarosa Pomegranate Body Oil Roller and Orange Sunflower Lotion Stick
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H.Honeycup Palmarosa Pomegranate Body Oil Roller and Orange Sunflower Lotion Stick- (this is the previous packaging style)
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