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clean beauty box
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Laurel and Reed is a luxury clean beauty box (and store) featuring top-shelf, non-toxic, all-natural and cruelty-free, full-size products ranging from hair care, body and skincare and other surprises.

Each box features full-sized curated products with a minimum total value of $125 + , they feature small notable indie brands to mainstream, well-known, powerhouses like OSEA. Each month is curated to a specific color scheme, so all items in that month’s box are tied together cohesively based off of color.

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Laurel & Reed was created 4 years ago after Natalie Duell found out her father had cancer. With his depleted immune system, Natalie sought out healthy body care alternatives for him at retail stores with no luck.

After researching the horrible effects mainstream beauty brand ingredients can have on even a perfectly healthy body, she chose to shift to a pure, clean and organic lifestyle too. Natalie started Laurel & Reed as an avenue to provide everyone with the best in pure, clean, beauty that is always cruelty-free.

Clean beauty box
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Each Laurel and Reed Box contains full size products valued at over $125

While Natalie’s journey with Laurel & Reed hasn’t been a walk in the park, she believes that every hiccup or battle along the way has made her stronger and more appreciative of the struggle. She was most surprised by the amazing kindness and support she received from the brands they partnered with from the very beginning.

They believed in her message, no matter how small the numbers were. They saw something in Laurel & Reed and she is eternally grateful.  Curating each box is by far Natalie’s favorite part of the process and she wants each member to know how special they are and how important of a decision they’ve made by switching to clean beauty, weather they are just testing the waters or have been using clean products for years. 

That’s why every box includes a handwritten note expressing how proud they are of YOU for making the switch. They know it’s not an easy one, clean products are typically much more expensive than store-bought mass brands, but in the end everything that we put in and on our bodies 100% matters.

clean beauty box
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I’m using the Noto Botanics Hydra Highlighter from the Sept. Laurel and Reed box, on my cheeks for some extra sparkle

Laurel & Reed wants every member to feel special and for you to have full access to them. Natalie personally sends every new customer an email to welcome them to the Laurel & Reed family. They treat each and every member exactly like they want to be treated because they truly appreciate that you’ve chosen them, among all of the beauty boxes out there to introduce you to clean beauty.

They also want to make their footprint as small as possible and their goal is to only use recycled products and partner with other eco-conscious brands too. I loved my September Box from Laurel & Reed.

It featured….

A NOTO BOTANICS Hydra Highlighter, perfect for achieving that glowy-look on every skin tone.

I love clay masks and the PURE ELEMENTS YOUTH Exfoliating Botanical Mask doubles both as a mask and an exfoliator- it turns a beautiful purple color when wet and is formulated with powerhouse antioxidants like as organic matcha and organic rose hip powder. (Sadly, this product is no longer available)

The DR. LILY ROS Bamboo and Japanese Cherry Blossom 100% Natural Deodorant was super effective and easy to apply.

And the RAD ALCHEMIST Rose Garden 3-in-1 Sugar Scrub was such a delicious shower-treat and my skin was so smooth all day.

See all that Laurel & Reed has from past boxes- with one time or subscription offers available at 

and be sure to follow them on Instagram @laurelandreed

If you like clean beauty, you will love Teal Botanicals

Until next time…

Clean Beauty Box
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Laurel and Reed is a cruelty-free, non-toxic and all natural, luxury, clean beauty box.
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clean beauty box
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