KOFFIESTRAW // Reusable Silicone Coffee Straws

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The KoffieStraw is a slim, reuseable, eco-friendly, silicone straw made especially for hot coffee and whiter smiles.

In case you weren’t aware, single use plastics are SO last year. In L.A. plastic grocery bags are no longer a “thing” and if you’re caught using a disposable plastic straw in a hip part of town, prepare for some concerned looks or even a few opinions from total strangers. Don’t get me wrong- I agree with plastic bag ban and the single-use, straw-hating, but here’s the thing- I’m a straw person… (eek!) So I went on the hunt for a better alternative so I could keep sucking in a more eco-friendly fashion.

I found a variety of options of re-usable straws in terms of materials- but what chose was the Koffie Straw. Because lets be honest, if I’m not drinking water, I’m drinking coffee. This clever little number was founded by a family that wanted to solve a problem.

In efforts to maintain a brighter smile some people drink their coffee through plastic straws- oddly enough most (if not all) of those straws have a warning on the outer wrapper that clearly states, it’s NOT to be used in hot beverages. This is because the heat melts the toxins from the plastic into your drink. If you do this, knock it off right now and keep reading!

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The eco-friendly Koffiestraw is perfect for sipping cold drinks too

If you’ve ever tried a metal straw it not only effects the taste of what your sipping, but also conducts the temperature of your drink. Glass straws are out there too, but if you’re clumsy like me it might not be the best option. There are also jumbo-sized milkshake straws out there, made of silicone but flood your mouth if used with liquid, thus defeating the purpose of using a straw in the first place.

Together this family took their own straw-using experiences into consideration and designed and patented this slim, soft, flexible, BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, 100% silicone straw, made especially but not exclusively for coffee and the cups it travels in.

Finally there was a way to enjoy hot coffee safely and keep a bright smile, all while reducing plastic waste on our planet. The Koffie Straw comes in packs of two at 7″ or 10″, includes a cleaning brush, has a slight bend like a traditional straw, and comes in shades of pink, blue, purple and brown so there’s something for everyone.

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Sipping on iced coffee with my Surf colored Koffiestraw

For me, making this seemingly small decision was a no-brainer. I remember when they had just banned plastic bags and grocery stores started to really push re-usable. At first there was a bit of resistance, but now only a few years later- when I walk in the store I’m one of MANY people bringing my own bags.

I think about all of the single-use bags we all could have gone through since the ban and I’m so glad I chose something better and other people did too. You don’t have to give up what you love to help preserve the planet- you just have to find or MAKE a product a little better, that could spark a change in everyone.

Check out these straws and get sippin’ at KoffieStraw.com
and be sure to follow them on instagram @KoffieStraw

If you like coffee as much as I do, you’ll love Cafe Emporos

Until Next time…

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I love the Surf colored Koffiestraw, the silicone can be easily cut to fit your to-go cup, comes in two sizes with a cleaning brush!

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