KOOSHOO // Plastic Free Organic Hair Ties

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Kooshoo are the makers of the world’s first plastic-free hair tie, expandable kids pants, multi-way shawls and super versatile headbands. It was founded by Jesse and Rachel, two yoga teachers that also happened to be soulmates- yes, they’re married!

They started their brand for one very simple reason- to help others feel good. For them that meant everyone involved in the process, from the farmers who grew the organic crops, to people like you and me who buy the end product, every person mattered along the way.

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Kooshoo’s best selling, organic cotton twist headband- ENSO, can be worn with the twist in front for a cute, turban headband, or at the nape of the neck for a wide headband. Available in solid colors and “Batik” hand dyed colors as seen above.

While Kooshoo is designed in Canada, their dedication to ethical and sustainable practices lead them to family owned and operated businesses right here in Los Angeles. This brand provides jobs and opportunities for our local community.

They weave the organic cotton, hand-dye, cut, sew, package and distribute every single product within a 20 mile radius of downtown L.A. The dye house is solar powered and every item is shipped in a 100% recycled paper bag.

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The founders of Kooshoo, Jesse and Rachel with their daughter

The word Kooshoo means “feeling good” in Norfuk. Often used as a way to return a “Hey how are you?” “Kooshoo, you?” . Co-Founder Rachel and Kooshoo’s product developer Leilani, are both from Norfuk Island. And although they both live in Canada now,  the island is forever apart of them and so it became a sort of moto and question- “does this feel KooShoo?”

In other words, every time a decision was made within the company they asked themselves and each other “is this in support of the greater good?” Kooshoo believes businesses can be used for better thats why they donate product and profit to charity. Sometimes its the little things, like giving 1000 people from underserved communities yoga or meditation classes that can make all the difference.

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The co-founder of Kooshoo, Rachel and her daughter in the Enso Twist Headbands

Kooshoo’s ultimate goal is to think good, feel good, create good and share that goodness. I love my new wrap headband and my plastic-free hair ties, but what I love even more, is that someone cared enough about so many others and the earth, in order the make it in the best way possible. It’s something I wear with pride and gratitude all at once, its not just another headband. It has me feeling “kooshoo” for sure <3

Check out all they have for EVERYONE at Kooshoo.com
and be sure to follow them on instagram @FeelingKooshoo

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Until Next time…

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I’m wearing an organic, Kooshoo ENSO twist headband in the Batik print
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Meet the LILA hair tie by Kooshoo, Plastic free, 100% biodegradable, strong enough for thick hair, yet soft enough to not cause hair tie headaches.

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