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Hanky Panky
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Hanky Panky began in 1977 when a woman named Gale, handmade a bra and panty set out of handkerchiefs for her friend Lida, as a birthday present.ย Together they impressed retailers, started their own lingerie brand and not too shortly after, created literally THE most comfortable thong I’ve ever worn in my life.

Needless to say, I was thrilled to learn not only are they entirely made in the U.S., but everyday they are working toward more sustainable and eco friendly practices.

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Hanky Panky has so many styles, colors, and prints

From the very beginning, Hanky Panky has been manufacturing in the Northeast area of the United States. This saves them time, fuel and shipping costs. It also greatly reduces their generation of CO2 into our atmosphere. It also allows them to monitor both the quality of their products in the factories and the working conditions for their employees.

Hanky Panky’s signature laces are knitted, dyed and finished in the USA with low impact, non toxic dyes. Even the Supima organic cotton fibers used to make the panty lining are grown in the USA. This special non GMO cotton has a smaller environmental impact than foreign-grown cottons by using less water, land, pesticides and energy.

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I’m wearing the laurel chiffon sleep set in size S by Hanky Panky

They’re also helping fight the threat of synthetic fiber pollution to waterways and marine life by striving to source high-quality fabrics and materials that are less prone to shedding fibers.

Hanky Panky cares about animals too and refuses to use leather, fur or feathers in any of their designs. They partner with FabScrap to recycle and repurpose any of their textile waste and purchase 100% recycled paper for all printers and copy machines.

The brand is working to make all packaging and shipping materials from recycled paper or FSC-certified products and ensure that they are easily recyclable.

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Hanky Panky lets you “choose your nude” with a variety of nude shades- more on their website!

Hanky Panky’s efforts don’t end after your purchase. Obviously, worn underwear is not accepted for reuse or donation like most other garments. Most used lingerie sits for decades before biodegrading. Thats why Hanky Panky started their Lingeriecycle program. Simply request up to 5 of these special envelopes at check out and send back what is no longer wearable.

The garments are finely shredded, metal parts like underwires and hooks are separated out by magnets and sent to a metal recycler and the fabric shreds are ultimately made into carpet padding. While there are processing costs on their end, it’s an expense that Hanky Panky covers to take responsibility for their own products.

Hanky Panky
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A lovely Hanky Panky lingerie-cycle pouch, stuffed and ready to be recycled

Hanky Panky hopes that in the future, all brands and retailers will take responsibility for the entire lifecycle of the items they sell, and they are proud to lead the way for the lingerie industry to transition into a sustainable future.

Check out every style, cut and color at HankyPanky.com and find them on instagram @HankyPanky

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Until next time…

Hanky Panky
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Hanky Panky has a print to match every girl’s style!
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