Peri is tie dye toxic
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Is Tie dye toxic? Lucky for us, no. PERI is an effortless, eco-chic, sustainable women’s fashion line, made in the heart of Los Angeles. Hand tie dyed using low impact and natural dyeing methods.

It all began when the founder, Peri was simply looking for a new job. An ad in the back of LA WEEKLY magazine landed her a dream job in the fabric department at The American Apparel Factory.

Aside from their infamous controversies, Peri found herself learning from the other employees, who at the time, were at the top of their field. Everyone involved there had a shared vision of creating a self-sustaining company, providing quality products, quality jobs, education opportunities, a living wage- plus benefits, all while taking the environment into consideration. It was there, where Peri truly built a foundation for her future in ethical fashion.

Peri Is tie dye toxic
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Peri Stands with her PERI Designs

Eventually she left American Apparel and worked for a variety of other local designers throughout Los Angeles. While she gained more knowledge and experience, Peri saw first-hand, the excessive waste that most brands and design houses produced from design to production.

It was then that she decided to start her own clothing line, but only in a way that would align with her “hippy” fashion roots. PERI’s design process is made up of 3 elements: shape, color and fabric.

The shape or silhouettes are meant to be easy to wear from day to night. The fabric for each shape is then chosen by how the color will “take” to the fibers. Fabric like Cupro absorbs the color more vibrantly, while other fabrics like Tencel provide a more muted finish.

Every garment is hand tie dyed using low impact dyes and natural methods. No two pieces will ever be the same. Every PERI garment is truly one of a kind.

Peri is tie dye toxic
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At PERI they are constantly discussing new ways to become more ethical and sustainable. They select fabrics, dyes, sewing contractors and dye houses based on how they can grow sustainably together.

Their patterns, shipping materials, business cards, and tags are all made on recycled, marker paper. They use only certified organic cotton and all other fabrics are eco-friendly or reclaimed from what otherwise would be wasted.

I am madly in love with the variety of looks PERI carries for every woman’s style. I’m thrilled to share a brand of tie dye that is not toxic and I’m almost certain you’ll find something you’ll adore.

See this beautiful hand dyed collection at
and be sure to follow them on instagram @1PureEco

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Until next time…

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Peri hand tie dyes outside
Peri is tie dye toxic
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Peri is tie dye toxic
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